Request Product Update

At, we have a daily batch update process that operates during our regular business hours. Generally, there is no need for you to inform us about updates for popular plugins, as we receive notifications directly from the developers.

We make it a priority to update these plugins as quickly as possible, without requiring a separate support ticket.

Please keep in mind that it is recommended to wait at least 48 hours after an update has been announced before opening a ticket. This waiting period helps us avoid multiple tickets for the same plugin or theme update that is already in progress. By doing so, we can provide a swift response to those who need assistance. Typically, update requests are mostly necessary for smaller developers who may not always send notifications about their updates.

If the plugin or theme you need an update for hasn't been updated within 48 hours since its release by the developers, please open a support ticket.

We will do our best to ensure that the product is updated promptly, ideally in our next batch update. While we always acknowledge your update requests, please note that we will now only respond to update requests once the update has been implemented on our site. However, if you have mentioned any other issues within your ticket, we will address those separately and provide a prompt response.

We'd like to address any concerns regarding the lack of updates for older products and shed some light on how our website functions. Our website boasts nearly 5000 products, each with its own set of developer updates. Unfortunately, not all developers notify us when updates are released, making it humanly impossible to track each one individually. To manage this, we prioritize updates in the following order: Member Requests, Developer Notifications, and Manual Checks when available.

Regrettably, there are instances where certain plugins may be overlooked, As we are diligently working to prioritize those requested most by our valued customers.

After 48 hours you can open a ticket to request an update here.