Do you provide updates to the products?


As soon as we are notified about an update, we download it from the author and update it on our site.

If you buy a full access membership, you have updates until your membership expires.

If you purchase an individual theme or plugin you will be able to access that plug-ins updates for life. (The product version available at time of purchase is your purchased product considered delivered and complete our lifetime updates is a free service we provide to our customers and members as referenced in our terms and condition.) Related: Why did a product get removed / no longer gets updated?

If you have membership

Simply go to the products page and download directly from the page the latest version available.

Single Purchases

If you have purchased a single product or multiple products without membership you can access your downloads and updates from your purchase history.

All products which have been recently added and updated can be seen on our changelog.


Related information: Why did a product get removed / no longer gets updated?

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    1. Typically your WordPress dashboard will notify you if you have a plugin update.
      You can also check the product page on our site if the version number is higher on our site then your plugin needs updating.

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