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How to Hide Page or Post Title in WordPress
Undoubtedly, the page title is one of the important factors that plays a vital role in on-page SEO, and might even help you in ranking better in search engine result pages. Then, why would one in his right mind like to hide page title in WordPress? Well, perhaps because WordPress is no longer a blogging platform. It has grown to a far bigger CMS now. Despite this, some of its amazing features just don’t seem to blend well with business websites.
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Installing and Using WordPress Theme Created with Artisteer
In Artisteer 4.0 you can add widgets to Header and position them with CSS code. Please follow the steps below:
How to Remove Page Title in WordPress
On the other hand, if you are not yet ready to make tweaks in your PHP theme files and stylesheets, go for TemplateToaster, a website maker which is made to make your theme designing process as easy as possible! No technical skills or adding a line of code is needed to remove the page title. Just tick the Hide Title tab and you are done with 1 click of the mouse! Simple. Right? We made it so.
How to Load an Artisteer Template in WordPress
Artisteer is an automated Web development application that lets you create websites and templates without the use of graphic design or HTML coding software. If you have used Aristeer to create a WordPress theme for your business’ website, you can upload the theme via the standard WordPress Dashboard theme installation process.
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Remove top menu page navigation links from an Artisteer WordPress theme
hi mitz. I have a niggle with wordpress and or Artisteer. When I make a new page the title goes into the nav bar (this is good) however it also puts the title as a heading for the page eg. “Home” in the nav bar but “Home” for the Title!! Is there anyway to stop this? also is there a way to edit the HTML of the whole page. ps I just wanted to be a web designer (was learning WP for cms )but now I want to be a blogger Thank you.
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This plugin removes the "Protected" or "Private" prefix that wordpress adds to Password protected /…
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Artisteer 4.0 templates published or exported to Blogger support gadgets in Header. The style and position of gadgets can be adjusted with CSS code. Please follow the steps below: