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Nekad un nekur savā mūžā tu nedzirdēsi skaistāka vārda par šo vārdu; tāpēc nemities to daudzināt, nebeidz slavēt šo valsti, kas šo vārdu nes. Ja esi tēvs, paud to saviem bērniem, ja esi māte, dziedi par viņu pie savu bērnu un mazbērnu šūpuļiem, bet ja esi bērns, kas dzimis trimdā – nerimsti taujāt par šo zemi savus vecākus. Latvija lai tavās domās un iedomās ir kā tāla, brīnišķīga sala pasaules jūrās, uz kuru vienmēr jāstāv vērstam tavas dzīves laivas priekšgalam.
User can create the note templates that he usually sends to a customer or adds a note for his reference. User can also add the order notes directly from the shop order page, user doesn’t need to open individual order page then type the message. It saves time, reduces the retyping the same message for different customers.
Aptana Studio Best Themes for Wordpress
A web page can be static or dynamic. Static pages, such as a regular HTML page that you might create with Dreamweaver, are those which have been created once and do not have to be regenerated every time a person visits the page. In contrast, dynamic pages, such as those you create with WordPress, do need to be regenerated every time they are viewed; code for what to generate on the page has been specified by the author, but not the actual page itself. These use extensive PHP code which is evaluated each time the page is visited, and the content is thus generated upon each new visit.
Orfeo is a responsive WordPress theme with multipurpose design. It is a good fit for both small businesses and corporate businesses, as it is highly customizable via the Live Customizer. You can use Orfeo for restaurants, startups, freelancer resume, creative agencies, portfolios, WooCommerce, or niches like sports, medical, blogging, fashion, lawyer sites etc. It has a one-page design, Sendinblue newsletter integration, widgetized footer, and a clean appearance. The theme is compatible with Elementor Page Builder, Photo Gallery, Flat Parallax Slider, and Travel Map; it is mobile friendly and optimized for SEO.
Amazing WordPress theme for Multi-Artists, Producers and Record Labels. - 69$
Give your sound the attention it deserves with the standout feature in SoundRise; a professional built-in audio player that floats on top of your website no matter which page is viewed. This means your fans, users, managers and agents can preview and listen to your music on any page, and navigate your full site without any interruption to the sound.
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Athena – Responsive – Multipurpose WordPress Theme
In the WordPress dashboard Menu builder, select the pages from the list on the left menu and click Add to Menu. You can reorder your pages by dragging and dropping them.If you want to create a title for your menu with no active link, (For example, at the top of a drop-down menu) select Custom Link. Simply put http://# in place of the URL, and type the word you want at the top of your menu in Link Text. Then click Add to Menu.
One Page WordPress Templates
If you are interested in creating an online presence, purchasing a One Page WordPress template from Mojo Themes is an excellent option. With a One Page WordPress template, all of the groundwork is completed for you. Not only can you be sure the website will have the professional, polished look you are after, but it will also be properly created for search engine optimization. Of course, when you purchase a One Page WordPress template, you can also save a great deal of time and money. Rather than hiring someone to create your one page site from scratch, you can immediately implement your template and publish your site. Since all of our templates are customizable, you can easily make changes at a later date whenever you are ready for a new look.
Applying a WordPress Page Template
Some WordPress themes include page templates that change the way your pages are formatted on the front end of the site. By using page templates, your WordPress theme can give you some flexibility for how your pages look and where certain page elements are located.