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There seem to be millions of WordPress themes floating around the web, however not all of them have social media integration. Whether you are looking for social media icons in your header bar or social feeds embedded within your site, finding the right WordPress theme can really grow your social media presence. Here are the top 20 Social Media WordPress Themes:
This plugin give you finer control over buttons. You can configure they on plugins settings page. You can choose the size of icons, choose open link in current tab or in new, and etc. Also you can have the social media follow buttons automatically added to the bottom of all Posts and/or Pages, or position them manually using either a widget, shortcode or template action hook. If you want more options, then let us know and we will be happy to add them.
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Social media today has grown leaps and bounds and affects most parts of our life – personal as well as professional; and the role it plays in business cannot be overemphasized. It can be taken as the extension of word of mouth advertising. After the search engines, social media is considered as a good source for providing targeted leads. It is due to this reason that many businesses today have higher budget allocations for social media spending. Not to mention the big social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. that are thriving by providing social media services to other businesses.
To maximize the performance, we get the social media count from each API and store it in a cache for 30 minutes. It only gets the count for the post when its loaded to reduce server load. For example, if no one visits your two year old post, then this plugin will not waste your precious server resources for that post. It only gets the count right when a user visits the post or page.
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How can I access the social media icons in the tob bar of Ribosome Theme? I would like to put the right hyperlinks on it and remove some.
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