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Updated: WordPress Disables OnSwipe iPad Blog Themes
I can see two different points where “everything began” in terms of apps: – Palm introducing the idea of downloadable mobile device software in the late 90s, when there was a similarly large variety that sold for similar price ranges. – Apple & Google both introducing the “app” (a term that I still find irritating, to be honest) for their respective phones in 2008. (I was surprised to read, in looking into this, that Apple and Google apps are both drastically out-sold by the ones for BlackBerry devices.)
Hello, Onswipe iPad Settings does not work properly for my blog. There are no image displayed on the ipads anymore. What is the problem ? thank you & kind regards. Blog url: http://trippyfrogs.wordpress.com/
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An Indonesian writer, self-proclaimed musician, and part time architect; who wants to make a world a better place one post at a time via his blog SuperSubConscious.
Hiring seasoned executives is not only the most challenging part of being a founder, but also the most rewarding. As Onswipe has transitioned from an early stage company to a growth stage company, we’ve brought in leaders on the business side like Jared our CRO and Rich our COO. The missing piece for the past 6 months has been a leader and partner in crime to take the product+engineering side of the house to the next level. After looking at hundreds of resumes and meeting dozens of candidates in person, I’m happy to announce we’ve found the right partner in crime – Paul Fisher. Paul has already been at work for a short while helping us build Onswipe #next, launching later this quarter, something we’re excite...
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If you visit Natural Jenius on the iPad, you will notice our new iPad-specific theme powered by Onswipe.  Onswipe is a platform designed to make publishing look beautiful on tablet devices.  Their software powers the tablet-specific views for sites like Slate and The Blaze.  If you have a blog hosted at wordpress.com, you already have Onswipe ready to go, but if you have a self-hosted WordPress site you can install the plugin.
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We’re exploring the best way for tablet and iPad users to experience your blog, but for now seeing the same version desktop users do seems to be the best. Starting today, you will have to explicitly enable and configure the OnSwipe iPad theme on your blog by following the instructions on the support page.
OnSwipe is really annoying. Is there any way to completely disable it for every website I might visit? Sometimes the “View Standard Site” link doesn’t work and even when it does I have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find it then hope it works, then wait for the reload. Since almost every site you can visit (except Flash driven sites) looks just fine on the iPad, it would be helpful to be able to disable OnSwipe permanently across all sites.
Make WordPress iPad Friendly with Onswipe
We first got familiar with Onswipe through PadPressed. PadPressed was an innovative, premium WordPress plugin that aimed to make WordPress sites as iPad friendly as possible. The project has been renamed (restructured) and is currently available for free on WordPress.org. Not every WordPress theme is iPad friendly. Since millions of people are using tablets to access your website, you want to make sure your site looks and behaves in a professional manner on touch-screen devices. Onswipe makes sure that happens.
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If you go to a site with the iPad theme active, there should be a link down near the bottom where you can switch to the standard theme and I believe that is remembered by wordrpress through the use of a cookie.
Create a WordPress Theme Settings Page with the Settings API
In this tutorial we’ll learn the ‘WordPress’ recommended way of creating a theme settings page, that is, using the WordPress Settings API. The WordPress Settings API was added in WordPress 2.7 and since then it has become one of the most popular WordPress APIs. This tutorial will also be useful if you’re planning to add a settings page to your WordPress plugin. Let’s get started.
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A piece of advice, though: If you aren’t comfortable or familiar with the backend of your blog or website, we highly recommend working with your webmaster. It’s very easy to mess up the backend (coding) of your blog or website. It’s best to take this one to the experts before pushing through with using different stylesheets. However, you want to try to do this yourself, there are stylesheet plug-ins you can use to get the desired effect. One recommended plugin is Custom CSS Manager Plugin from WordPress. Another important tip: Be sure to back up all of your original files in case something goes wrong.
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During the free 30-minute demo, we’ll take a deeper look at the Theme Customization API and why it’s interesting, how it works from a technical standpoint, and we’ll see some examples from Parade of what it can do, as well as how these customizations were enabled at the code level. The demo will be led by Parade.com’s Senior Developer, Taylor Buley (Twitter / Github), and he’ll cover both technical & non-technical information so all participants are welcome to attend. A brief Q&A will follow the demo.
I’m new to the iPad. One of those oldy but goody people who started with Macintosh then got stuck in the PC world because of work and now back, in a little way, with iPad. I typically develop on Windows platform and view on iPad. I agree with @ wandakalbach in a big way. Losing the author’s personality is not good. Losing what this novice developer thinks of as queued navigation, that is, using visual ques to move the reader around your blog, seems quite a loss too.
6 Best WordPress iPad Plugins
iPad is one of the most exciting tablets around these days. Apple has managed to claim the majority of the market-share in the slate business. The fact that millions of people own an iPad should be good news for webmasters. iPad has a larger screen and offers a much better web experience than iPhone. Still, you want to take advantage of iPad-specific plugins to make your website and business more ready for your iPad visitors. These 6 iPad plugins for WordPress can help: