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My love for makeup has always been intermittent. There are times when I obsess over French tips and the perfect cut crease, and then I walk around bare faced and stubby nailed for weeks after the obsession wears off. After years of an on again, off again relationship with cosmetics, I would like to believe…… Continue reading Budget Beauty: The Only Eyeshadow Palette That I Have Been Using Recently
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I also watched Donald Trump’s rise. I rolled my eyes when the business giant and reality star first announced yet another presidential run, wondering when he was going to learn that everyone thought he was an idiot. He talked about a wall on the border of Mexico and called Hispanics “murderers and rapists”. That was the nail in his short-lived campaign’s coffin, I was certain. Nobody says that kind of stuff and keeps going in American politics, because for all our faults, most of the American people aren’t THAT bad. Then, in the late part of summer, his rallies started, and the crowds quickly grew to massive size. I started seeing hate-filled posts on social media with the tag “Trump2016”. With each successive outrageous remark, he only seemed to gain more followers, as evidenced by the Trump supporters proudly proclaiming their support all across the internet. I fell into a depressed state for a little bit as I realized I was wrong about my own country.
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I went jogging this morning to the college library and found a book by Meg Cabot…Queen of Babble. It looks like a good book and I can’t wait to read it. I am currently dating Trevor. He’s more into a ‘serious’ relationship, like getting married soon. I am twenty three…I don’t know…I mean of course I want to get married. When I am twenty six, that is three years from now. My birthday is in July…I am a Cancer. I am big on astrology…I do my daily horoscope. I am water and Trevor is too. I’d rather him be fire…or me be fire. I like fire…or a Gemini! ???? So I am about to drive to aerobics class and then after one of my classes at school I’ll do spinning class. I hate spinning class but it gives me a flat stomach ???? Love and hope, Em
Mom’s Post About the Lack of Postpartum Care Goes Viral: “Our World Forgets About Mothers”
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Queen of babble
Uploaded by Tracey Gutierres on March 20, 2012
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Eric adalah seorang guru komputer SMA, terbiasa dengan kehidupan yang sederhana, pergi kerja dengan motor dan memakai pakaian yang nyaman tak perlu bergaya. Tentu saja berlawanan dengan Malena yang terbiasa mementingkan penampilan karena sering berurusan dengan orang-orang kelas atas. Eric dan Melena berpacaran sejak mereka masih sama-sama kuliah dan dulu tak terpikirkan bahwa karir dan pendapatan akan menjadi masalah. Sebenarnya Malena sering merasa malu dengan teman-temannya karena profesi Eric dan juga karena somehow Eric benar-benar tidak bisa mengimbangi kehidupan pekerjaan Malena. Konflik demi konflik mereka alami sebenarnya hanya karena gengsi Malena yang terlalu tinggi.
Babble Queens
Judiiiiii…….gw juga lagi keranjingan online shopping. Walaupun udah pernah juga kecewa sama barangnya tapi banyak juga yg bagus. Naaaah terakhir ini gw lagi pesen antingvyv dulu di Korea jelas2 gw nemu…tapi kaga gw beli!!!! Trus gw nyesel berat akhirnya pas browsing nemu yg sama persis gw beli deh tapi yg jualan di Amrik….
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Babble Queens
Ceritanya tentang seorang perempuan pelarian dari Nigeria yang sudah 2 tahun ditahan di kamp tahanan untuk imigran di Inggris dan akhirnya bisa menghirup udara kebebasan. Tapi….kebebasan ternyata tidak seiindah yang dibayangkan, karena bayangan dari apa yang pernah menimpanya di Nigeria terus membuntutinya, dan bayangan itu telah membuatnya memikirkan berbagai cara untuk mati seandainya masa lalu itu mengejarnya.
Rattle Babble Battle
Hey there this battle is my journey of motherhood. I am a banker by profession but currently a stay at home full time momma to my boy and not so good home maker to my hubby.
Babble Queens
Wonder ini bercerita tentang anak umur 10 tahun, namanya August. August ini terlahir dengan kondisi yang ‘special’ pada mukanya. hmm apa bilangnya ya, facial deform mungkin. nah keluarganya August akhirnya memutuskan dia udh bisa masuk ke sekolah umum, setelah selama ini home schooling di rumah. dari sini mungkin udah ketebak ceritanya bakalan tentang apa. iyaa tepat sekalii. tentang bagaimana Auggie (panggilan sayang di rumahnya) harus mengatasi anxiety dia waktu sekolah, bagaimana dia dibully sama temen2 sekolahnya, dan terkadang Auggie merasa keluarganya ga mendukung dia. padahal, keluarganya juga berat buat ngelepas auggie sendirian di sekolah, khawatir dengan keadaannya bagaimana.
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Babble Queens
ada yang pernah baca? baru denger sekarang sih pengarang ini. kalo liat review-nya di goodreads tampaknya menarik. belakangan lagi pengen banget mulai baca buku cerita anak sih, belum ketemu lagi yang bagus selain bukunya CS Lewis. lumayan buat koleksi buku cerita anak sendiri entar :))
Avalon Adventures
Anyway, she thought Avalon was doing really well. Really, really well. We talked a lot about getting Avalon sitting independently because I’m still striving to keep up with typical milestones as much as possible, and she’s due for that in a month. However, it wasn’t until after she left that I realized Avalon will most likely be able to sit independently by six months, but one thing we hadn’t discussed ultimately caused me more concern. Avalon wasn’t babbling. At all. I had been happy occasionally hearing “ma” or “ba” or “ga,” but she never repeated the sounds.  I addressed my concerns with Anthony Tuesday night, and since then we have been babbling like crazy to her. Still talking and reading books, but lots and lots of babbling. Since Tuesday, she’s probably spent a couple of hours collectively staring at my mouth making repeated sounds.
Just a heads up that I finally decided to upgrade to a paid wordpress plan for Moeronpan! Despite the site nearing its 10th birthday, I was embarrassingly unaware of how many GODDAMN ADS are visible when not logged into a wordpress account – especially on mobile. Holy moly. To all of our readers who read the blog on mobile and swim through all those ads, you’re the real MVPs, and I don’t know how you could stand it. But now you don’t have to!
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Ignoring Sticky Posts in a WordPress Query
In my initial attempt at ignoring sticky posts in a WordPress query, I used the ignore_sticky_posts parameter and thought that would do the trick. Because my requirements were in one area of the front page to show the four most recent posts without any sticky posts, and in another area show the most recent sticky post, using just that parameter didn’t work.
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