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Hi, in widgets page, i choose “Show post counts” in thememakers default sidebar to show counts of archive and category. But numbers of post count are adjoinig with category and archive name. Not showing parentheses. i can not see any category count is surrounded by parentheses. However when i choose “Display as dropdown”, i can see category count is surrounded by parentheses.
Hello, when displaying the standard WP widget “Categories” in the sidebar, with category post count enabled, the count is displayed weirdly. This is what I see: screenshot I’d expect to see an inline badge, instead of the misaligned number in brackets on a new line. I hope this is easily fixable. Thank you in advance.
WordPress: Display Category Post Count
If you have a custom category layout, you may want to display the number of posts in that category. This can simply be achieved by placing the following code into your template file (probably category.php)…
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Other features include counter shortcode support, option to select post types for which you want to enable hit counter, dashboard post views widget, option to set count interval, restricting display by users, cache compatibility and multisite support.
Display List of Tags
And then create a file named class-wp-widget-tag-list.php in your child themes root directory using the following code.
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Solved: How To Display WooCommerce Categories on Any Page
Upon installation WooCommerce automatically creates a shop page that displays all products. You can acces this page from Dashboard > Pages > All Pages. WooCommerce lets you decide how you want your Categories to be displayed on a page. For example, you can display only category, category with products or only products. WooCommerce lets you decide how you want your Categories to be displayed on a page.
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If you have ever tried to re-organize your posts into categories, you’ll know it’s a pain. Even with the Quick Edit option and batch selecting posts, it quickly becomes tedious. Here comes a plugin to the rescue! Better Organization for WP Categories enables you to quickly and easily organize your posts and categories. Another upcoming plugin with only 33 sales and a 4.83-star rating, this one could prove very useful.
Once Post Category Image With Grid and Slider plugin activated, go to Category Image -> and Select categories option where you want to add custom image upload
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How to Display Categories with Taxonomy Tiles Widget
From this tutorial you’ll learn how to display Categories with Taxonomy Tiles widget.
Yes, all elements are included in DSN-wrapper div. Left items are in the item class, while counters are in count class. You can override them in your child theme style.css