How to Improve Your 404 Page Template in WordPress

Easy Way to Improve Your 404 Page Template in Wordpress - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
Do you want to improve your 404-page template in WordPress? Here, we will explain you to improve your 404-page template. How to Create a Custom 404 Page in WordPress? First, you need to edit the 404 PHP file in your WordPress theme. if you want to make your 404 error page very useful, then we are going to show you how to add useful elements like popular posts, recent posts, lists of all categories more:
How to Spruce Up Your 404 Page Template in WordPress
Today, I will demonstrate how to spruce up your 404 page template with the WordPress Popular Posts plugin in WordPress. This plugin is extremely popular with over 300,000 active installs and makes adding content to your 404 page extremely easy. There are multiple options to choose, but I will only demonstrate a few options so you can learn the process. You will not need any coding experience to do this, but it will speed up the process if you have some.
How to Handle 404 Errors to Improve SEO in WordPress
For webmasters one of the major disadvantages of the 404 errors is that they reduce the credibility of your site. Can you imagine a situation where you visit a site trying to get some important information, only to get the 404 error? Chances are that you would leave the site and not come back again, leading to a high bounce rate for the site. Site owners should, therefore, avoid this as much as they can.
I previous discussed how to customize your WordPress 404 page in a previous post, but I was brief.  This tutorial is intended to be a more comprehensive guide for this important customization step.  Customizing your 404 page tells your readers you went the extra mile to ensure they have a quality experience with your site.  Additionally, from an SEO perspective, users who need to take extra steps or “dig” to find your content are less likely to follow through.  They are also less likely to trust your site in search results in the future.