Headway 2.0 - The Most Beginner Friendly WordPress Theme

Headway 2.0 – The Most Beginner Friendly WordPress Theme
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Installing Headway
With only a few blocks and styles defined, the Headway Base theme is clean and simple, like a new canvas waiting for an artist’s hand.
Headway 2.0 Is Here
This was a difficult consensus to reach amongst the team here, but we decided it would be best to remove the Photo Gallery leaf from the Headway core. We felt that the leaf was too complex to be in core. Also, the photo gallery was the only leaf that used the advanced leafs panel, making that a waste of space in the admin panel. If you’re screaming at us now, don’t worry! If you use the Photo Gallery leaf on your website (or wish to use it anyway), you will be able to download the leaf from the Headway Marketplace for free.
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, you may and we want you to. Headway Themes was originally started as an inhouse tool for building client sites. We wanted a tool which made it easier and quicker to build client sites and Headway was born. We also realize and certainly understand Developers are busy and need ways to turn work over quickly. However, remember support and updates will only be given to the user who purchases Headway Themes, which means the buyer will be responsible for supporting Headway Themes or sites built for their client. If your client wants direct support and updates for Headway Themes, they will need to purchase their own personal license. And we don’t mind if you can have them purchase through your affiliate link.
Join the Headway Themes Affiliate Program and Earn 40% Commissions
What is exciting for us is the fact we are not stopping with Headway 2.0.  In the very near future we will be offering more Headway Skins for our community to purchase and use. What this means for our affiliates is more high quality products you can offer to your readers, list and audience.  More opportunities to provide your readers and list with the products that fit their needs. And what will set the Headway Skins apart from any other child theme or skin on the market is the fact not only do you get a Headway powered Skin.  You get a Headway powered Skin which comes with the built in power of the exclusive Headway Visual Editor.