How to Allow Users to Upload Images in WordPress Comments

How to Let Users Upload Comment Images in WordPress (& Attachments Too)
First of all, you’ll notice that a few of the file types don’t work that well. For instance, animated GIFs don’t play, so it would be pointless to support that. In addition, you don’t want to accept files types that aren’t relevant to your blog or business. As an example, a technical support team for a software company probably doesn’t need to accept audio clips.
How To Allow Contributors To Upload Images In WordPress
This can make WordPress digital asset management really difficult, not to mention time-consuming. To make it easier for those writing content on your blog and those editing it, it might be easier to change this default rule and let your writers add their own media to their posts.
How to Allow Attachments in WordPress Comments
Do you want to allow users to add attachments in WordPress comments? By default, WordPress comments are limited to text however you can allow users to upload attachments like images and gifs to make comments more fun. In this article, we will show you how to allow users to add attachments in WordPress comments.
How To Enable Image Upload For WordPress Comments
By default, users are not allowed to upload images together with the comments that they want to post in WordPress. But if you want to allow users to upload images through the comments area, then you will either need to switch to the Disqus commenting system or remain the WordPress commenting system and install the Comment Attachment plugin.
How To Allow Users To Upload Images To WordPress Blog Comments?
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