How to Use WordPress App on your iPhone and iPad

Tips for Managing Your WordPress Blog on An iPhone or iPad
Blogsy is one of the few mind blowing apps that let you do all the work in one app. It has one side which is text only and another side is HTML side. The main focus is on the media. It allows you to drag the media from anywhere and insert it in the blog post. You can drag the media from anywhere such as google images, any website and even YouTube. Also, it allows you to position the media as per your choice and preferred concern. The only drawback is the issue with media size. You have no control over what size of media is uploaded to your website.
View Local WordPress Website on your iPhone or iPad with MAMP
I have a weird issue when trying to view my local wordpress site (which is hosted on my mac with mamp), on my PC. Everything is working perfectly but one thing. My website contains 4 tabs. When clicking on a tab, it’s loading dynamically the content of the page (javascript). When clicking on the 3 first tabs, the content is well displaying (CSS and images are ok), but when cliking on the fourth one, all the images wont show. The weird thing is that all the links are ok, AS on the other pages. When I try to show independently an image that wont show in a new tab, it still doesn’t work.
How to Use WhatsApp web client on iPhone and iPad
Open the above URL on your iPad/iPhone. It will redirect you to the website of WhatsApp. After the site loads completely you need to simply tap on the address bar to show the recent pages that you visited, along with your bookmarks. Then slightly swipe down to see the normally ignored feature of your safari browser i.e. the option that will allow you to ‘request for a desktop site’. Once you see the option written as Request Desktop Site, tap on it.
Disable / Enable In-App Purchases On iPhone & iPad 1. Open the Settings app from the iOS Home Screen. 2. Tap on General. 3. Scroll for Restrictions. 4. Tap on Enable Restrictions. 5. Configure a Restrictions Passcode (For security reasons, make sure that this new 4-number combo isn’t the same with your iPhone unlocking Passcode!). 6. Tap the knob next to the In-App Purchases label to stop allowing these extra spending. Whenever you try to perform a purchase and the restriction is on your iPhone will prompt you with the “In-app purchases not allowed” prompt. Tip: Proceed the same way when you want to re-enable iAPS!
How to create a reminder on your iPhone and iPad
Sure, you can add a task to a list in the Reminders app. But if you really want to get things done, you can add due date to your reminder... or even a due location. That way you can get alerts not only for specific times, but when you leave or arrive at specific places as well. Never forget to take the pizza out the oven, call home when you leave work, or pick up milk when you get to the store again!
What are Subdomains? (Definition and Examples)
Arranging Apps on Your iPad or iPhone
Agree this is a little-known nuance of iOS 11 == and another excellent example of the benefit of having these weekly updates. And confirmation too of the value of the further tips available through the Patreon for a well-earned low cost subscription. Just wish I could share some of these via email to friends I’m sure would like to be here too….
How to use iPhone and iPad
Apple just revealed a slew of services – from TV streaming service to a game subscription to a news and magazine subscription. Out of everything announced, Apple News+ is the only service live right now. It’s Apple’s $9.99/month bundle for more than 300 magazines, two reputable newspapers and a couple of special collaborations with web publishers. But Apple News+ is only available in US and Canada. Here’s how you can sign up for it if you live outside the US.
How to install iPhone apps on your iPad
The Apple App Store has nearly 1.5 million apps available for iOS, the majority of which work on both your iPhone and iPad. The technical term for these are universal apps, where the developer creates a version designed for the smaller screen of the iPhone, and a second parallel version designed to make use of the extra real estate on the iPad’s larger screen. The good news is you only have to buy the app once and you’ll automatically get access to both versions. When browsing the app store it’s easy to spot universal apps — just look for the plus sign (+) in the upper left corner of the price box (or it’ll say “Get” if the app is free).
How to manage Privacy settings on iPhone and iPad
Your iPhone and iPad Privacy settings let you control which apps have permission to access various built-in features, like your location, contacts, calendars, photos, microphone, camera, health data, and more. You can choose to allow or deny any request for access to any service, and even change your mind and enable or disable them at any time.
How to delete apps from your iPhone or iPad
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