How to Add Placeholder Text in Gravity Forms

How to hide Gravity Form field labels when using placeholders
Before we dive in, I do want to note that for accessibility reasons, removing field labels is not recommended as it will make the form more difficult for users with visual impairments to use. The best practice approach is to use field labels to describe the type of information and the placeholders to provide users with an example of what that information should look like. With that said, let’s move on forward!
How to Use Gravity Forms Placeholders & Hide Field Labels
Hi. Was able to remove the field labels using the code snippet. Worked great but I have a gap between my fields which I’m guessing is the space where the field label would be shown if it wasn’t hidden. Is there a way to remove this gap so the fields stack on top of each other with little space between (say 5px)? I’m not great with CSS.
Gravity Forms Placeholder Text is Too Light
I feel your frustration. You’re trying to streamline your forms a bit by using placeholder text inside the fields instead of having the labels hanging outside, taking up all kinds of space. But you just can’t figure out how to override that light grey text that’s all but impossible to read. With a small bit of CSS, coded for specific browsers, you can get that text to pop!
How to Style Text Fields of Gravity Forms
Hi, Can you help with code to modify one field only so that it is read-only, but most importantly also doesn’t look like it is a field (no background, border, etc). I know how I can do this for the whole form but am not sure how to do it for one field only without affecting other fields of the same type. Thanks The Form ID is 2 and the field ID is 70.
Support » Plugin: Gravity Forms - Placeholders add-on
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How to Style Field Labels of Gravity Forms
Field labels are the titles of the fields which you add in your Gravity Form. They can be designed by adding attributes to ‘gfield_label’ CSS class. You can also do this without altering any code by using Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms plugin. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to
It takes and hides the label just like it does with the other fields but then it takes the text from that label and prepends an option to the select field that contains the text from the label as it’s value and it also adds a selected and disabled attribute to the option. Ensuring that it is selected and also ensuring that once a user clicks into the field that they wont be able to select and submit with that option.