Wordpress Suite v4 - New Design, Features, and What's Next

What’s New and Exciting in WordPress 4.1
The Kubric theme set the practice of outputting the content of <title> tag with the addition of some custom code. Because there is no consistency in such an approach it leads to problems for users when they would like to use SEO plugins or have complex structure in their titles. Now things are going to change with the introduction of the ‘theme support’ approach to output the <title> tag. Starting with 4.1 the recommended way for themes to display titles is as follows:
WordPress 4.3 – Complete Guide to New Features and Changes
You are correct, it IS happening in ALL my WordPress sites. However, I use a desktop to access ALL websites and NEVER mobile. So, unless the change happened in v4.3 (on August 18), I am totally confused. I truly believed that my personal blog had only 2 columns in the Dashboard when I signed in to add a new post 6 days ago now, but I could be mistaken on this date. Previous to v4.3, I KNOW my wp sites displayed 2 columns, as I removed all the clutter in ALL Dashboards after the updating to v4.2.4 took place.
Mobile WordPress done right.™
A Google-preferred mobile friendly solution, your website will be tagged "mobile friendly" and mobile search rankings will improve.
Wedding Suite v2.3.0 – WordPress Wedding Theme
Wedding Suite includes four different templates with quite unique design.It comes with RSVP Form, Countdown and Guestbook. Wedding Suite is a premium, fully responsive, Retina-Ready WordPress theme with a minimal and clean design. It’s very code-light, making it quick to load, and has a pleasingly clean look that’s ideal for wedding websites. Wedding Suite is fully integrated with the visual composer. Code is easy to modify and understand so you can personalize it in the easiest way.
This theme hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.
Whats new
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We recommend servers running version 7.3 or greater of PHP and MySQL version 5.6 OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater. We also recommend either Apache or Nginx as the most robust options for running WordPress, but neither is required.