How to Add a PayPal Donate Button in WordPress

How to Create a PayPal Donate Button for Your WordPress Site
You’re most likely going to customize the pages and posts to have more content and explain what the donations are for. However, these methods are the best options to create PayPal Donate buttons without any problems. You’ll also notice that the PayPal Donate buttons have several customization tools along the way. So, you might want to redirect users after they make contributions, or you may need to capture additional information from the people donating.
How to add a PayPal donate button in WordPress
You need to provide your PayPal email ( the one you used to create your account) and then choose currency. You can also provide a custom donation page URL from your PayPal account or provide a return URL where users will be redirected to after they have made the donation
Now, you will go to your website’s WordPress dashboard, and add the donation button to your site. Login and use the navigation on the left of the WordPress Dashboard to find the page where you would like the button to appear.  Your button can appear on either a blog post or a page within your site. You can navigate to the correct section by choosing either “Posts” if you would like the button to appear on a post, or “Pages” if it is to appear on a page. In both of those sections, you can choose whether the donation button will appear on an existing post or page, or if you’ll add a new post or page that will include the button. Once you decide the location of your donation button, navigate to the WYSIWYG Editor.
How to add a PayPal donate button in WordPress
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How to Add a PayPal Donate Button to WordPress?
This plugin is perfect for sites specializing in the sale of digital goods (drawings, texts, diagrams, etc.). He is very popular and has the built-in support system of payments in WordPress themes. With its installation of your site users will be able to pay for digital purchase via PayPal Express and PayPal Pro. Using the latter allows users to enter their credit card information without leaving a site. With this plugin can be easily integrated with the system of PayPal into WordPress platform.
How to add a PayPal donate button in WordPress
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15+ Best Plugins to Add PayPal Donate Button in WordPress
I’m experiencing that out there are lots of bloggers who are trying to add PayPal donate button in WordPress blogs for receiving donations. Because these donations help them pay the upkeep costs of running their blogs. A few days back, I’d added a PayPal donation button between every post, and in the sidebar and one of my follower was asking me about how to add PayPal donate button in WordPress blog sidebar. Therefore, I’ve decided to write an article (in fact I have collected a list of 20 plugins to add PayPal donate button in WordPress) about how to add PayPal donate button in WordPress so that other WordPress blogs users can also be benefited.
How to Add a PayPal Donate Button to WordPress
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How to Add a PayPal Button in WordPress
This brings up the My Saved Buttons Page. As you can see, I’ve created many buttons in the past. Here, you can create new buttons, edit old ones, manage checkout page styles, look at recurring payments and more. To keep things simple, you will learn how to create a new button and add it to your WordPress post or page. You will also learn how to create and use a custom button, independent of PayPal’s style choices. Many marketers do that for reasons of styling, branding or testing new buttons that could potentially convert better.
How to Install the PayPal Donate Button on Your WordPress Website
To do this, go to the “Widgets” area of your WordPress administrator screen. Find the “PayPal Donations” widget and drag it to the sidebar you wish to use. You can give it a title, description, purpose and reference from this widget. However, these are optional fields. Once you’re done, simply click the “Save” button and your donation widget is live.