Welcome SeedProd to the Wordpress Suite Family of Products

Welcome SeedProd to the WPBeginner Family of Products
Even though it’s not a brand new product, we’re going to keep up with tradition and allow our loyal WPBeginner readers to get an Ultimate Lifetime license for SeedProd, so you can get lifetime updates and access to all new features that we’ll add.
SeedProd is Now Part of the Awesome Motive Family
It has been an amazing journey thus far, and I’m extremely thankful for the loyalty and support of the SeedProd community. With Awesome Motive’s vast resources and deep understanding of the WordPress industry, I know we’ll be able to bring even more powerful solutions to the SeedProd plugin.
Best WordPress Plugins – The Definitive Guide (2018)
If you have ever tried to send email from WordPress then you have probably experienced email not being delivered or going to the spam folder. This is because most all web host which that email would be sent through have terrible sending reputation and deliverability. Instead, send email through your Gmail account or through a 3rd party SMTP provider. The plugin I recommend to do this is called WP Mail SMTP by WPForms.
About Us
So being a developer I built one and released it for free, thinking nothing of it. I set up a few coming soon pages and started to drive traffic to them to test my ideas. But something crazy happened during this time. While some of my ideas were generating interest, I discovered a few months later my free plugin had over 10,000 downloads and I was receiving emails to add features.
WordPress Customer Service Lessons Learned
If the customer is downright rude or insulting then I either ignore or send a canned response. For example when I was first getting started someone tweeted to me that my product was overpriced and shit. I proceeded to engage and ended up in an emotionally heated conversation. My product is my baby and at that time I took the tweet very personally. This ended badly for everyone. In hindsite it’s best to ignore or have a canned response ready you can send. I have several canned responses I resort to.
SeedProd is Now Part of the Awesome Motive Family
Today, I am excited to share that SeedProd is joining Awesome Motive. Awesome Motive is the management company behind the largest WordPress resource site, WPBeginner, and several popular WordPress plugins like OptinMonster, WPForms, MonsterInsights, and WP Mail SMTP. I launched SeedProd with a mission to help businesses get a head start on building their online […]
WordPress Login Page, The Easiest Way to Access and Remember
The core developers working on WordPress realized that these were not that intuitive so they added shortcut urls in later versions of WordPress which made it much easier to remember and user friendly. So in addition to the access urls mentioned above you can also access your login page with these shorter and easy to remember urls.
Introducing The Ultimate 404 Page Plugin for WordPress
With 404 Page Pro, you’ll be able to capture leads with a fully customizable lead magnet. In the admin panel you’ll be able to track new subscriber metrics and export leads to your customer database system. The 404 Page Pro plugin also lets you customize a search bar and link to all your social profiles and social sharing options.
WordPress Notifications Bars Made Easy
Save emails to the WordPress database or integrate with any of our 3rd party email service providers. Currently we have a direct integrations with Active Campaign, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, iContact, Infusionsoft, MailChimp & Sendy
WordPress Custom 404 Pages Made Easy
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How To Customize the WordPress Login Page
The first plugin I want to show you is called Custom Login Page by SeedProd. This is a free plugin which you can download from WordPress.org and allows you to make of the most requested edits on the WordPress login page. After installing this plugin you can use the realtime customizer to edit most aspects of the login page. What’s nice about this is that you can see all your changes instantly. So say for example you want to change the WordPress login page logo. Simply use this plugin to insert your new logo and that’s it, done! In addition to being able to change out the logo you can also perform these edits on the login page.
WordPress Logo in Sand - Wordpress Suite
Maintenance Mode returns a http status code 503 and should be used when you are doing short term maintenance on an existing site. This will let search engines know your site is under going maintenance and should return in 1 day when maintenance mode is finished.
How to FTP into WordPress
The wp-content folder is where all your files live including your themes, plugins, uploads. Plugin’s may also put files in this folder for use as it relates to your site. All the other files and folder outside the wp-content folder and wp-config.php file are WordPress core files and you should never change, delete or modify the files and folders. Below is a screenshot of the wp-contet folder. If you ever need to manually update or edit a theme or plugin this is where you’ll do it.
Top 4 lessons learned from selling a premium WordPress plugin
I love the Settigns API because it super stable and reliable. I made the huge mistake of using OptionTree as framework in Version 2 of my plugin. Now option tree does work as advertised and has lots of feature for beginners to get an option page up quick, but I found it to be super unstable in the “real WordPress world”.
How to Add a PayPal Donate Button in WordPress
Maintenance Mode for WordPress, Everything You Need to Know
Maintenance Mode is a term you use when you need to take your regular site offline to perform software of content updates. So for example, when WordPress needs to update itself, a plugin or a theme it has a built-in maintenance mode it uses to display a message to visitors that your site is down. Or say you have redesigned your site and you need a few hours to implement the new design. In this case you would use a maintenance mode plugin to put you site into maintenance mode so you can access the site to make your updates but your visitors would get a custom message about why it’s down and when it will be back up.
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3 Major Benefits to Enqueuing Styles and Scripts (the Right Way) in WordPress
So if the main practical advantage is avoiding conflicting script files. Only thing is there is no guarantee that the jquery that ships with word-press will be sufficient to cover all jquery instances loaded by plugins or custom code – people do naughtily add custom code to their jquery versions and so you would need to integrate these into your main wordpress jquery file (which would get over-written on each update) or edit the plugins and outsource their jquery customisation to independent javascript files. But equally there could be other conflicting javascript-frameworks which do not come as standard with wordpress where the first plugin to load is getting their version in the queue so the second plugin will fail. Then I suppose its manual job of trying to reconcile the two? Also I think its easier to unload an enqueued script that in-line which means you could limit its active time to when the plugin is active. I much bigger headache for me is conflicting CSS styles…if wordpress could implement a warning when a style in being registered that it conflicts with certain elements in stylesheet lower in the queue, now that would be helpful – instead of spending hours trying to figure out the contention, then replacing it with a compromise that doesn’t involve massive element name change tin the calling HTML. I suppose my overall feeling is that there are benefits, but they’re marginal and theres many more exciting and delighting innovations that they could introduce first.