How to Show Your Latest Pinterest Pins in WordPress Sidebar Widgets
This plugin will allow you to create unlimited number of custom sidebars that you will be able to place in your overlays. Once a sidebar is created it will be available in Appearance -> Widgets section just like any other sidebar. Newly created sidebars can have vertical or horizontal widget alignment.
How to Show Popular Posts in the WordPress Sidebar
To keep visitors moving around your site, it is a good idea to practice good internal linking habits. For example, by linking to related content on your blog from within each article, you are giving them related information to check out. You can use a related posts plugin at the end of your article to dynamically suggest other on-site content they may be interested in once they’ve finished reading the article in front of them. Furthermore, your sidebar is prime real estate for linking to your best content – this is a great place to add links to your most popular posts.
HOW-TO: Show Categories To Your Sidebar In Wordpress
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