How to Add Additional Fields to the WordPress Media Uploader

Adding custom fields to WordPress media gallery upload
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Add a Copyright Field to the Media Uploader in WordPress
When you upload something into WordPress using the Media Uploader, you can include information such as a caption or a description. If you wanted to include something else, you would first have to create a custom field by hooking into the attachment_fields_to_edit filter. I decided to add a “Copyright” field so that I could credit each item I upload to the original copyright owner and displayed on the front end wherever I want.
Integration of the WordPress Media Uploader into Plugin Options Page
Sometimes I want to create a simple and intuitive graphic interface for my clients in order to give them an opportunity to upload an images on the options page of my plugin. I could make just a text input field where they can place the image URL, and sometimes it’s what I need in a certain situation, but more often it is a not professional to make so. I want to have a happy clients, I want to make a user-friendly interface of my plugins. In this article I will show you how to integrate a beautiful, simple and customizable WordPress Media Uploader into your plugin options page.
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