How to Force Users to Change Passwords in WordPress - Expire Password

How to Expire Passwords in WordPress After a Specific Amount of Time
Next, you can select user roles to which this policy applies. Ideally, you should select all user roles except administrator. However, if you are not the only administrator on your website, then you should check administrators as well. Always remember to click on the save changes button to store your settings. After all, this is done, when a user signs in after the specified period, they will be redirected to password reset screen.
How to Force User to Change Password in Linux
“Plenty of Linux admins force their users to change their passwords on a regular basis to prevent security breaches before any problems arise.” Sounds great in theory. I worked in an organization with over 7,000 PCs. The policy was that every 30 days user passwords must be changed. Passwords were supposed to be alphanumeric and contain special characters. The passwords were dutifully changed and they conformed to the requirements. However, at least 50% of the users had yellow sticky notes with their latest password stuck up someplace around their desk. Many others had the passwords written down and placed in one of their desk drawers. So much for system security! You can force the users to change their passwords but you cannot force them to memorize those passwords.
How to Force Users to Change Password Periodically in WordPress
Some people have the habit of using the same password for a long time. It will negatively affect the security of your connected account. The password should change periodically for all kinds of accounts including web and bank for providing an extra layer of security to them.
How to Change User Password in Linux
When changing the password make sure you’re using a strong and unique password. Having a strong password is the most important thing you can do to secure your account. Often a strong password has at least 16 characters, use at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one special character.
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“Expire User Passwords” نرم افزار متن باز است. افراد زیر در این افزونه مشارکت کرده‌اند.
Password Recovery
In this tutorial we’ll show you how to set the number of days prior to password expiration, during which to begin displaying password expiry notice to prompt user to change Windows password.
How to Force User to Change Password at Next Login in Linux
Now to set the password expiry of user, run the following command by specifying the day to zero (0), means that the password has not been changed since the above date (i.e. January 1st, 1970), so the password has literally expired and needs to be changed immediately before the user can access the system again.
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