How to Show Confirm Navigation Popup for WordPress Forms

How to Create a Popup for Incomplete Form Confirmation in WordPress
<?php /** * Confirm Leaving * Plugin Name: Confirm Leaving Form * Plugin URI: * Description: This plugin shows a warning to users when try they forget to hit submit button on a comment form. * Version: 1.0.0 * Author: Your Name or Business * Author URI: * License: GPL-2.0+ * License URI: */
How to Create a Quick and Easy WordPress Popup Form
Popups have been proven to work. Popups have higher click through rate than other forms of advertising and have been shown to boost subscription rates as high as 86%1, they can return results on a scale of 1000%+ conversion rate for opt-in forms2, and they can improve email subscription rates without driving away viewers3! When used properly, Popups can be an effective form of advertising that will encourage the reader to engage. If your interest is peaked, let’s take a few minutes to discuss how you can create a quick and easy WordPress popup form.
WordPress 2.8.1 is Officially Released
With the smart tools of Popup Maker, you can add needed elements and create a popup which can contain elements like: Image popup, Countdown popup, HTML popup, Video popup, Subscription popup (with quick sending Newsletter opportunity), Contact popup, Social popup, Iframe popup, Age restriction popup, Optin forms, Spinner popup, Facebook page popup, Google map popup. You can even mix them in one popup, including several elements in one popup. So you can have a Subscription popup with Countdown, or an Image popup with Social buttons – it’s all up to your imagination.
And last one,I don’t really understand how it works,I mean author will get emails with new subscribers right? – its here right?
A lightweight plugin that converts a Contact Form 7 form into a customizable pop-up form…