Mitch Canter - The Ultimate WordPress Experience

Mitch Canter – The Ultimate WordPress Experience
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Here’s the video from the session I did yesterday in Nashville at #pcn11 (PodCampNashville11). Once again, a special thanks to Chris Ross for getting this video ready to go for me. The video turned out GREAT. The slides are already in the video, but I may go back in later and embed the slide images so they can be read better. Enjoy!
The Ultimate WordPress Experience
Wordpress is a powerful blogging platform, but the sheer volume of information that’s already out there is overwhelming! This session taught me that WordPress is so much more than just a blog. With so many features, both inherent in the program and via plug-ins, WordPress can easily support full websites making it a great Content Management System (CMS). As a CMS it is particularly well-suited for small businesses and entrepreneurs, people who typically need to DIY but wish to have a professional looking website. With thousands of plug-ins, it can be hard to know what search terms to even use when searching the web to find what you’re looking for, let alone choosing the right plug-in for your needs. I found Mitch’s advice, as well as his list of top plug-ins, invaluable in navigating the options associated with building the optimal WordPress site.
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On September 14, Matt Mullenweg announced that WordPress was rethinking its use of the React.js library due to Facebook’s clarification on its patents. The short story: Facebook released React under a modified “open-source-ish” license (called BSD+Patents) that allow them to judiciously revoke the patent if a service violates the terms of service (specifically, if they…
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I had an amazing time speaking and networking at the #WPCampus Event in Buffalo this past weekend.  I was fortunate to be able to share some insight on the realm of Security, and make it (hopefully) more than a fruitless, confusion quest.
Level Up Your Marketing: Using Gamification to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns
Ask anyone who’s played World of Warcraft or a similar game for a while, and you’ll usually hear the same thing: ”I’m hooked!” WoW has been around for nearly 12 years, and other games online garner similar sized - and just as fanatical - fan bases. How is it that a game - with “imaginary” achievements and bragging rights - can grab someone’s attention, keep it, and even bolster it for long periods of time? Mitch is a gamer and digital strategist from Nashville, TN. In this session, he’ll go over a few of the top games on the market today - World of WarCraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Destiny - and will look under the hood to see what marketing and psychological methods they use to attract customers. We’ll look at real case studies and observations that we can distill down into actionable points that you can do now to turn your marketing campaigns around. Finally, we’ll look at how those companies interact with their customers - even when they’re not logged on - to keep themselves in mind and in focus.
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I DID A THING LAST NIGHT.Finally got brave enough to deploy it. Freshly pressed, 100% Flexbox + Gutenberg (minus the old posts).Old posts have a class based on post date that auto-formats. New posts are 100% Gutenberg and able to be styled how i want
Mitch Canter
In the past, it was always difficult to pull assets easily from a Word Document or PowerPoint file — the images were skewed, or of low quality, making them barely usable on websites and/or print documents.