How to Create a Landing Page With WordPress

How to Create a Powerful Landing Page with WordPress
Every page on your website has a purpose: your homepage introduces your business to people visiting your site, a “Product” or “Services” page informs users about what your business offers and blog articles educate visitors. A well-designed landing page is an effective marketing tool that can steer visitors to complete the desired action, be it signing up for your newsletter, buying a theme or plugin, or signing up for a free trial.
How to Create a Landing Page With WordPress
A landing page is a purpose-built page designed to increase sales or generate leads for a business. It is used in paid marketing, email, and social media campaigns. Users coming from these sources will land on this page first, which is why it is called landing page.
How to Create a Landing Page With the Block Editor in WordPress
The new block editor isn’t exactly a page builder – the current customization options can’t compete with page builders in terms of layout and styles. However, we will see some great add-ons being released gradually as developers get more accustomed to the new editor in 2019, which should shrink the gap and make it even easier to create a landing page with the block editor.