How to Add and Improve Readability Score in WordPress Posts

How To Improve The Readability Score In WordPress Posts
You probably heard an expression “Quality written substance is the final deciding factor” parcel of times. It is a straightforward sign that you require a quality substance for an effective site. You can endeavor the same number of endeavors for the plan or SEO of your site, yet your definitive objective ought to be that the perusers can without much of a stretch get what you are attempting to state. In the event that your site is coming high in web crawler rankings yet the clients can’t get the correct data then every one of your endeavors will be squandered.
Easy Reading: Using Readability Scores in WordPress
So there you go! Improving the readability score of your articles won’t have the world beating a path to your website overnight, but it is one step of many that you can take in that direction. Being conscious of your writing while you write is hard. Just writing this has me overly conscious of that long sentence I just wrote!! The important thing is to be yourself, and write content you find fun, interesting, and relevant. Don’t ever move away from that, just pay a bit of extra mind to the details!
How To Improve The Readability Score In WordPress Posts
One of the standout features of WordPress is that it is SEO friendly. It is easy to customize your WordPress website or blog. A post with a good quality content contributes to improving the search engine ranking of your website. The quality of content depends on many factors. Readability is one of the major factors in determining the quality of a content. The higher the readability of the content, the higher the quality.
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5 tips for writing readable blog posts
You can make your writing much more readable by using proper transition words (or signal words – the same thing). Transition words are words like ‘most important’, ‘because’, ‘therefore’, or ‘besides that’. They give direction to your readers. These words give a signal that something is coming up: if you’re summarizing, you’ll use ‘first’, ‘second’, ‘third’, etc. If you want to compare, you’ll write ‘same’, ‘less’, ‘rather’, ‘while’ or ‘either’. If you want to conclude, you’ll use ‘hence’, ‘consequently’ or ‘therefore’.
7 Killer Tips to Improve Readability by Editing Your Blog Posts
Paragraphs should not contain more than 4 to 5 sentences. Most of the readers skip the paragraphs containing more sentences. You should craft your blog post, by considering scanners and speed-readers. Social media or other notifications easily distract readers.
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How To Improve Readability In WordPress
The use of transition words in your copy has a huge affect on your overall readability score. A simple solution to this problem is breaking up your text into shorter, simpler sentences. A tip is whenever you are faced with the decision of whether to include a transition word, end the sentence.
Readability Score: What It Is, Why It’s Important, & How to Get a Good One on Every Post
A premium option you have is While the service is paid, the plans start at $5 per month for their basic services. You can scan existing content by URL or as a file. They provide downloadable reports and email scanning, too. If you go into their higher tiers, you can simply put in the primary URL of your site, and they will scan the entire thing and send you a report of what works and what doesn’t. You also have the choice of automated alerts is something goes wonky — perhaps if a contributor doesn’t meet the standards and the work needs to be fixed. If you’re truly serious about making sure your audience gets your best foot put forward, is an option.
How to Check and Improve Readability Score of Your Website
To begin with, you need to have an analysis on your target readers and topic niches, figuring out the working readability level of your website content. For instance, if your website is about some technical items and is for some developers, you can afford the high scores for both Gunning Fog test and Coleman Liau test. However, if you are running a personal blog site for sharing something interesting and popular, you’d better achieve a high score for the Flesch test.
Unfortunately there is not a work around for this except to use the standard visual WordPress editor. We have more information on this here:
How to improve Readability Score for SEO
It is also important to understand how to use these tags. H1 tag in WordPress is the title of the blog. H1 tag is the HTML tag. The title of a page automatically has H1 tag. This is for most themes. If you are not sure if your theme automatically has the H1 tag on the titles you can check the source code. Make sure you use only one H1 tag per page. An H2 tag is the sub-heading and H3 tag is the sub- category of the sub-heading.
Improving Your WordPress Website’s Readability
It is definitely important to stay focused on popular SEO methods for increasing web traffic, user engagement, and Google search results. I do however, recommend placing more value on your content’s readability than you are probably used to. This is going to make a huge impact on your readers’ overall experience and will help your SEO indirectly as well.
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This plugin lets you bypass automated censorship as ir replaces specific words with picture of the word instead of text. All you have to do is to specify which words do you wish to be replaced and Censortive does everything else on its own. This plugin, like the one above, can come in handy if you do not want search engines to see your content so you won’t fly under the radar.