How to Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress with SeedProd

How to Create Beautiful Coming Soon Pages in WordPress with SeedProd
Do you want to create a beautiful coming soon page for your WordPress site? All websites need a pre-launch coming soon page. It allows you to build anticipation, create hype, and spread the word even before the launch of your main website. In this article, we will show you how to quickly and easily create beautiful coming soon pages in WordPress.
How to Create A Kick-ass Coming Soon Page in WordPress with SeedProd Coming Soon Pro
Hi, Ragnar. This was a good idea, I had to change a couple of settings to get it to work. First, I had already removed the “Coming Soon” page from showing up on page menus, so I had to uncheck that in “IM8ExcludePages” plugin. Then, since a static page as home page automatically took the 3-column theme, I had to go into Jonradio multiple themes plugin and give the “home” page the one-column theme instead of the three-column active theme. It worked! So, for the sake of appearances, the site now looks “offline” to the public, and as a last resort measure, I will use this.
How to Create a Stunning Coming Soon Page in WordPress using SeedProd
Coming soon pages are much more than just a static webpage that lets people know when your site will go live. They’re an amazing and strategic tool that can make your website extremely successful before it even goes live! Coming soon pages can be used as a lead generation tool to capture email addresses and build a valuable email list. They’re also great for getting people excited about your website, building awareness, and so much more.
How to Create a Custom Maintenance Page in WordPress with Free Template
WordPress has it’s own Maintenance Mode it goes into when it performs a core, themes or plugins updates. The picture above shows what you see when WordPress is performing these updates. What most people don’t know is that this is different from what a WordPress Maintenance Mode plugins would do. Learn more about the difference between WordPress’s built in maintenance mode vs what a maintenance mode plugin does. In a nutshell a maintenance plugin will hide your site while you make changes, you still have access to the frontend and wp-admin backend, while the WordPress built in maintenance mode hides the entire site while the software itself is updating, no access to the frontend or backend. Therefore maintenance mode plugins won’t work when WordPress is doing it’s built in maintenance process. Today I’m going to show you how to customize the default maintenance message page which says “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” to a custom html page and even how to collect emails on this page while your site is down.
How to Create Anchor Links in WordPress
In this “how-to” series I’m going to show you have to create named anchor links or some people call them anchor tags in WordPress. If you have different sections in a long post or page and you want the visitor to be able to click on a link, say in a table of contents you create, to jump to a different section of that post then you’ll want to use an anchor link. To create anchor links in WordPress is not as straight forward as it should be but just follow the steps below and you’ll easily be able to create anchor links with no coding skills.
18 Fantastic Coming Soon Pages and What Makes Them Great
It’s no secret that we absolutely love Revista’s Coming Soon page (after all, it’s our featured homepage visual). It just has so many great features tied together. The content fits perfectly over Revista’s featured image, with the logo filling an empty space at the top. Pops of color are everywhere, from the logo, to the imagery, to the page content. A really nice touch is matching the purple wardrobe with deep purple text, counter widget, and custom-colored social media buttons.
Support » Plugin: Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd
Maintenance Mode returns a http status code 503 and should be used when you are doing short term maintenance on an existing site. This will let search engines know your site is under going maintenance and should return in 1 day when maintenance mode is finished.
Why Every WordPress Site Should Start with a Coming Soon Page
Emails are not the only important thing when laughing a new site, another critical part is whether or not people can find your site in Google or other search engines. Google is notoriously fickle about sending traffic to new websites. Unfortunately, SPAM is a reality of doing business on the internet, and Google has a team of people working around the clock to try to keep low-quality, spammy websites from clogging up the search results.