How to Take Control of Your WordPress Admin Bar

Taking Control of WordPress 3.0 Admin Bar
The WordPress Admin Bar helps webmasters switch to the basic features of the Dashboard directly from their WordPress blog. Although the presence of the WordPress Admin Bar is a boon, most webmasters (like me) don’t like the presence of anything sitting on our blogs (even when it is visible only for us and not our readers.) I guess the 1-click access to the WordPress Dashboard isn’t what everybody is comfortable with. I still want to type to get to my WordPress Dashboard. Feels geeky!
The WordPress admin bar appears above your site if you are logged in to your WordPress dashboard. This is to allow for easy editing and site management directly from your site without having to jump back and forth between the front end (what visitors see of your site) and the backend (your WordPress dashboard). It provides some handy shortcuts to access parts of your WordPress installation without having to find them in the left-hand navigation menu. 
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Using the WordPress Admin Bar
Now, if we hover over the title of our site section, we’ll see links for the dashboard, which will take us back to the dashboard home, and links to take us to themes, customize, widgets, menus, background and header. Again, all of these sections can also be found from the left-hand navigation menu in the WordPress dashboard, but this is a great quick reference.
How to Remove the Annoying WordPress Admin Bar
The last WordPress update introduced a new feature, the admin bar.  By default, the admin bar is enabled; probably so encourage users to take it for a test drive.  But, I’ve found that it is quite annoying and it slows down performance while browsing my blogs if I’m logged in.  With that said, the WordPress admin bar is getting the boot, and here is how to do it.
How to disable the WordPress Admin Bar
Some WordPress users may want to disable or hide the WordPress admin bar so we have compiled a list of six different ways to do so. The options include CSS and PHP snippets, as well as using a WordPress plugin or the built in feature to disable the admin bar for specific users.
How to Disable RSS Feeds in WordPress
How to hide/disable WordPress Admin bar (front end)
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Hide the Admin Bar in WordPress
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