How to Add Categories to a Custom Post Type in WordPress

How to Add a Custom Post Type Archive Page in WordPress
Hello, thanks for your tips, I am a little confused here. When we make a custom post type by hte fault wp generates archive.php , category.php,taxonomy.php pages and then we make custom php pages based on those wp php pages. But which ones should we use in our menu? I ve seen in other sites that archive oages should not be indexed in order to avoid duplicate content or perhaps since wp already genarate archive pages we don’t need to create custom archive pages? Your comment on this question will be greatly appreciated
Konstantin Kovshenin
Not very clean I agree but it will work. Note the action registration with the priority of 11 (which is quite late.) If you’d like to remove a taxonomy from an object type, you’ll first have to find out at what stage was the taxonomy added to the post type. In the above case, the default taxonomies are added during init with priority 0 (highest) so init with priority of 11 will work just fine.