How to Remove Menu Item in WordPress Admin Panel

How to Remove Menu Item in WordPress Admin Panel
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Remove or Hide Menu Items from WordPress Admin Panel or Dashboard
If you’re using a premium theme, it already comes with a number of additional menus and custom post types. You or your client might not always need them. For example, you might need the portfolio, gallery, testimonial or event CPTs but not all on one website. It’s better to remove such unnecessary menu items from WordPress dashboard for a cleaner workspace.
How to Delete Menu Item in Your WordPress Admin Panel
At times, you may come across few clients who find it bit hard to understand the options in WordPress admin panel or any normal technical concepts. But as a developer, it’s your sole responsibility to simplify the technical aspects and elucidate them in such a way that they can understand.
Modify WordPress Admin Menus to Your Needs
If you hit the button, your menu goes “under construction” and you are free to move the elements around. Drag and drop menu and submenu items and create a menu which suits you the best. Do you want a “New post” link to be right next to “New Page”? You can do that. Actually, you can rearrange elements however you want. You can drag a top level menu item into a submenu and the other way around, so why wouldn’t you have “New Post” item hanging by itself instead of having it into a submenu? It’s your choice.
Remove Admin Menu Items From WordPress Dashboard
Thanks Isabel, In my situation, I am working on a local test site; and I know very little about PHP. Do you know if there is a way to simply checkbox a menu item and remove it permanently, or do I need to use the steps above? I am not concerned, at this point, about losing an item, since I am only testing menu names and I don’t want my menu items list to get stacked up with unwanted names. Thanks, Rob PS I am using Anthology WP theme from