How to Add Google Analytics in WordPress with Analytify

How to Add Google Analytics in WordPress with Analytify
Have you heard of Google Analytics? Yes it’s powerful but extremely confusing for beginners. We have previously explained how to install Google Analytics in WordPress and how to use Google Analytics, but despite those tutorials beginners often find it very complex. What if we told you that you can make Google Analytics really easy by integrating it directly in your WordPress admin area? In this article, we will show you how to add Google Analytics in WordPress with Analytify and start using Google Analytics like a pro.
Setup your account at Google Analytics
Step 1: Log into your developer console “”. You should be redirected to the API dashboard “”. Step 2: Click the “Enable APIS and Services” button just below the header at the top of the page. Step 3: Search and select the “Analytics API” in the “API Library” page that opens. Step 4: Select the enable button on the next page. Step 5: Return to the Analytify dashboard in wordpress, log out of the google authentication and then log back into reauthenticate.
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In Pro version, You can see Social Media, System, Keywords, Geographic and Referrers Stats.  Have a look at the following screenshot that shows how It looks in Pro version.
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The first step you need to do is after building your WordPress website is to add Google Analytics to it for availing the tracking services. These services include reporting of traffic of website, user behavior, and other such features. Google analytics is the popular website tracking service available on the internet. Even if you don’t intend to sell anything through your website, still it is important to know about your viewers and their behavior.
How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress (Ultimate Guide)
Another method you can use to add Google Analytics to WordPress is by using the Google Tag Manager. This is really meant to be used for those of you with a lot of scripts, not just Analytics. Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to quickly and easily update tags and code snippets on your website or mobile app, such as those intended for traffic analysis and marketing optimization. You can add and update scripts from the Tag Manager user interface instead of editing site code in WordPress directory. This reduces errors and frees you from having to involve a developer when configuring tags.
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WordPress memang memiliki sistem pelacakan sendiri yang menyatu dengan plugin JetPack yang bernama “Site Stats” dan terintegrasi secara langsung dengan akun Namun, Site Stats menurut saya masih kalah jauh dengan layanan pelacakan milik Google dan terbukti lebih banyak pengguna WordPress lebih memilih menggunakan Google Analytics dibanding dengan WordPress Stats. Jadi, untuk mendapatkan laporan statistik pelacakan yang lebih rinci dan akurat, silahkan untuk menggunakan Google Analytics sebagai alat pelacakan Anda dan agar laporan statistik dari Google Analytics Anda dapat di pantau secara real time melalui dashboard admin WordPress Anda maka gunakanlah plugin Analytify.
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Google Analytics Goals
You are Internet Marketer, Online store owner or freelancer. Everyone uses Google Analytics Goals to track their Conversions. Our goals add-on helps you to idenity the Analytics of your goals within WordPress. heck, Yes. You can see all your Goals stats inside WordPress in once instance.
This is something that clients really love as they of course want to see traffic to their site. However many do not want to log into google analytics and work their way through its rather complicated reporting modules. This gives all the headline stuff and more. What’s really neat is that it does it for every single page as well. So you can really see what’s going on for a particular post. So a google search for X led to this page. It also has great realtime reporting for the paid version. I had one small issue and the developer responded and addressed it immediately. Very impressed. It’s become a default plugin.
Google Analytics Dashboard widget by Analytify is a dashboard widget which provides Stats from Country, Referrers, Social media, General stats, Top pages and Top keywords in a widget at WordPress dashboard along with other widgets. This is a handy widget and is requested by users who wants to see their stats in dashboard as a widget. Though Analytify has its own dashboard for Google Analytics.
How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress
On the right, you will always see the statistics for your website, while on the left you can choose which data to look at. The part of the program where you will spend your most time is the Reports tab. You will find a number of different sections that, if clicked on, contain other submenus and contain the following information: