How to Add Featured Images or Post Thumbnails in WordPress
The default image sizes of WordPress are "thumbnail" (and its "thumb" alias), "medium", "medium_large", "large" and "full" (the image you uploaded). These image sizes can be configured in the WordPress Administration Media Screen under Settings > Media. If your theme enables Post Thumbnails then "post-thumbnail" is also available and this is the default when using Post Thumbnails. This is how you use these default sizes with the_post_thumbnail():
Add featured image or thumbnail to WordPress post
$width => Optional. An integer value of post thumbnail width in pixels. $height => Optional. An integer value of post thumbnail height in pixels. $crop => Optional. Boolean value for cropping of post thumbnail. False – Soft proportional crop mode ; True – Hard crop mode.
How to Set Featured Image or Post Thumbnail in WordPress
How to Set Up a Thumbnail Post in WordPress
Step 4: This will bring up the search preferences screen of Magic Post Thumbnail. From here, you can determine which database for which you want to scan images. You can also make adjustments to how much of the title the plugin will use when looking for a graphic. In this example, we’re going to use Flickr. Click the radio button next to this “Image Bank.”
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3 Ways to add Thumbnails to WordPress Posts
Now, if you go to the editor, you’ll see a nice new box called Featured Image, located on the right column, below the post tags, as shown in the image on the right. To select the image you would like to use as thumbnail, click on the “Set featured image” link. “The Add an Image dialog will show up where you can upload an image or select one from the Media Library. From here you can also select the size in which you would like to display the thumbnail; ignore the alignment as it does not apply in this case. To set the image as a thumbnail instead of simply inserting it into the post, click the “Use as featured image” link, shown in the image below. After updating the post the selected image will appear at the specified location in the post. You can remove or change this image later.
How to Add Featured Thumbnail to Admin Post Columns
Sorry about not being clear. However, I was thinking about a maximum number of how many thumbs to be displayed. For instance, if there is space in the admin, a user can specify max 3 or 4 images to be displayed. Otherwise, “1” could mean only the first or the featured image, even if there is several attachments. Another way might be a kind of image rotator using any script. I hope I have been helpful ????
How to Add Thumbnails to WordPress Categories & Tags
Back in version 2.9, WordPress added the ability to add an Image Thumbnail (later renamed Featured Image) for post, page as well as custom post type. This Image Thumbnail feature does not cover Category, Tag, and Custom Taxonomy, even for later versions (with the exception of perhaps Custom Taxonomy, possibly in WordPress 4.4.)
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The Best WordPress Featured Image Size & Post Thumbnail Tips
With easy-to-use design tools like Snappa and our list of best practices, you can start creating stylized, branded, and properly sized WordPress featured images. These photos will help you build your readership and your brand. Your WP featured photos can even help keep users on your site longer, increasing the results you’re getting from your content marketing campaigns. Whatever types of images you choose, just remember that it’s important to use the best WordPress featured image dimensions and to keep your designs consist. These will be key to getting as many benefits as possible from your WP post thumbnails.
How to Modify Featured Images in WordPress
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