How to Import Post Ideas from CSV Spreadsheet in WordPress

How to Import Post Ideas from CSV Spreadsheet in WordPress
If you have a list of post ideas on a spreadsheet you may want a simpler way to put those ideas on to your site. Luckily there is a easy way to import the ideas. In this video, we will show you how to import post ideas from a CSV spreadsheet.
How to Import WordPress Posts from CSV Files
WP All Import is a flexible system that includes the ability to upload from CSV or XML file types. It has a range of options for posting content whether it’s a post, page or WooCommerce product information. While the Pro version is attractive, the free plugin works exceptionally well for importing WordPress posts from CSV files.
How to Import WordPress Users from a CSV File
While migrating to a new WordPress website, the absolute important thing that you need in your website are the users. If you have to include all the users in your new website or you have to update the WordPress users information in bulk, doing them one-by-one is a complete waste of time. When you want to include the hundreds and thousands of users, you need an easy way to import all the users into the website.
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There are samples of the various types of spreadsheets you can use as starters for your own spreadsheets so you can get it right. If you need to view the samples they are located in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/csv-importer/examples You can download them using FTP or you can go to and you will be able to download them. I suggest you delete this directory after you download the samples, or add a blank index.html file for security.
The next columns are totally customizable and you can use whatever you want. All rows must contains same columns. User profile will be adapted to the kind of data you have selected. If you want to disable the extra profile information, please deactivate this plugin after make the import.
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But after trying different combinations of column names as: csv_post_post and csv_post_type nothing worked and every time WordPress gave me the error. So maybe it was my CSV file that isn’t saved the right way. Then I went to Google Drive where you can make spreadsheets. I made a Spreadsheet in Google (the same as my old one, with the 2 columns), Saved it as CSV file, imported it with WordPress CSV importer and it Worked!
Access the plugin’s UI in the WordPres dashboard under the “Settings -> WP CSV/DB” menu after installation. Read the “Guide” tab for instructions.
How to Import Your WordPress Users from a CSV File
As a business owner, you probably know that it’s impossible to be good at everything. The same rule applies to software. WordPress chooses to keep its core as simple as possible, yet powerful for content management and incredibly easy to customize and extend. It also helps a lot that it has a great community-focused development approach so they build features that help the community and that are easy to extend and customize if they aren’t exactly what we need.
How to import terms from csv in wordpress?
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CSV Importer PRO has all the features of WP Ultimate CSV Importer and it is extended with a lot of features that enables to import, schedule(recurring import), update and export CSV files. All import details over a year is in dashboard chart to easily track the WordPress site updates in a fraction of a second. Any changes like modifying existing WP content or appending new content can be done in simple update flow. WP Ultimate CSV Importer can also update or import the WP content from any CSV file periodically with scheduler. The update or Scheduled import (recurring import) is done with the templates which is created with mapped fields in the mapping section of WP Ultimate CSV importer. The export option enables to export the imported modules as CSV, XLS, XML and JSON based on the filters.
How To Bulk Import Posts From CSV, Excel, Spreadsheet
When creating a spreadsheet of your posts, add each post to a new line. You will be able to review and edit imported posts before they are added to your Queue, including specifying which social profiles to post to. You can import posts via CSV here.
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Export WooCommerce orders: Export WooCommerce Order item data with WP All Export Pro. Just as with any other custom post type, you can export WooCommerce orders with the free version of WP All Export. However, the order item data is stored by WooCommerce in several custom database tables and this custom data is only accessible with WP All Export Pro.