How to Add a GDPR Comment Privacy Opt-in Checkbox in WordPress

How to Add a GDPR Comment Privacy Opt-in Checkbox in WordPress
Do you want to add a comment privacy optin checkbox in WordPress? European Union’s new GDPR law requires explicit consent for storing user’s personal information. If you have comments enabled on your website, then you need to add a comment privacy checkbox to comply with the new law. In this article, we will show you how to add a GDPR comment privacy opt-in checkbox in WordPress.
How to Add a GDPR Comment Privacy Opt-in Checkbox in WordPress
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[Resolved] Add a GDPR Comment Privacy Opt-in Checkbox
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How to Add a Checkbox in WordPress Comments for GDPR Compliance
In 2018, the European Union passed the GDPR law which requires consent for storing personal information. This includes any tracking cookies used in comment forms. If you plan on marketing your site to people in the EU, you need to add a checkbox to WordPress comments for GDPR compliance.
Hello, I have a self hosted blog, (through Blue Host), and I am currently using the most up to date versions of Word Press and the Graphy theme. I am updating my blog to make it compliant with GDPR regulations. With its latest update, WordPress has added the comment consent checkbox to the blog comment form to help sites comply with GDPR. However, I don’t see that checkbox in my comment form (even when I visit my blog incognito). Word Press has suggested that a theme could override the default setting for the check in box, and I am wondering if that’s what is happening. Does the Graphy theme have an option for an opt in comment privacy check box, and if not, can that be added? I do not know how to code and am afraid to edit the theme code myself. Thank you!
Hi guys, first of all, it is a great theme! I have an issue with the GDPR Opt in Checkbox that has been added to “default” wordpress. For me it seems that the lighthouse theme is overriding the default WordPress comment form and thus it does not display the checkbox described here:
Mind you, I had a developer from Codable set it up for me, because I’m not that savvy when it comes to backend stuff. Satisfied that it’s doing the trick, though. The ability for folks to selectively opt out of different KINDS of cookies, having the ability to disclose EVERY cookie that infests my site – that stuff is golden. Good luck, my friend.
I want to display the comment privacy opt-in checkbox underneath the “Leave a Reply” I have deactivated the comments in Jetpack to allow the checkbox to appear and it does not. How am I able to solve it? I have read a few threads on this issue here in the forum and have followed the instructions but nothing changes. I do have the latest versions of WordPress and Jetpack and use Graphy theme.
MailChimp does not let us set those GDPR fields via the API, but instead advised us and our users to use normal interest groups. You can include those in the form as checkboxes and it will be saved in MailChimp and let you create segments based on what boxes someone checked. If you add new interest groups it can take awhile before the button to insert them into the forms show in our plugin, to speed that up go to Mailchimp for WP > Mailchimp after creating the interest groups and click the “Renew MailChimp Lists” button to directly pull in the latest fields and lists.
[Resolved] Adding a comment privacy checkbox to my theme’s comment form
Apparently, we have to have a check box for our comments sections that a visitor is supposed to tick, showing they consent to having their info saved for the next time they comment. This check box shows up on the default WordPress themes, but not on some other themes, which includes GeneratePress.
How to Add a Privacy Policy to Your WordPress Website (Step by Step)
A privacy policy page is a statement from you, disclosing the information you collect on your website about visitors. This includes information you collect through cookies, registration, comments, subscription forms, etc. Usually, site owners collect this information by installing web analytics software such as Google Analytics, or stats counters. Users also voluntarily provide information by filling out their information in comments, registration, and subscription forms.
Hi, mailchimp launched “Erlaubnis zum Marketing” the whole new form fields with 3 checkboxes and label + description. it shows in mailchimp formbuilder but “Easy form for mailchimp” plugin, it doesnt fetch that extra GDPR forms field into wordpress site via connect mailchip api. Need help!!!
Thank you for your quick response. However, if I log myself out of the website and see it as a visitor, the checkbox is still not there in the comment section of the blog. I did click on the feature in the updated version of WordPress to have this appear and to notify my readers that my website might collect data. (Security feature).
Release date: May 7th, 2018 * Added the request user data page. You can enable it in the Settings tab. * The newly created page contains a shortcode which allows visitors to request their data. WordPress Users, WordPress Comments and WooCommerce orders linked to their email address are then send to that email address. * The request user data page becomes the delete user page when visited through this email. The link in the email is available for 24 hours (cronjob) and linked to the visitors’ IP and current session. * Delete requests end up in the new Requests tab. Click on ‘Manage’ to view a request and tick the checkbox to anonymise. Make sure to take care of these requests as quickly as possible! * For WordPress Users ‘anonymise’ means first and last name, display name, nickname and email address are substituted by the corresponding field name in the database. * For WordPress Comments ‘anonymise’ means author name, email address and IP address are substituted by the corresponding field name in the database. * For WooCommerce orders ‘anonymise’ means billing and shipping details are substituted by the corresponding field name in the database.
I noticed that the comment sections on a site I work on no longer saves the person’s name email address and website in a cookie. I realize that this is because of GDPR. According to this page an opt-in checkbox was added in GeneratePress 2.1.2.
This essentially means that the user must click on a checkbox that says something like “I agree to the Privacy Policy” where the words “Privacy Policy” should be a link to a page with the policy text. If the user does not click the checkbox, then signup should not proceed.