7 Best Free Author Bio Box Plugins for WordPress

12 Best WordPress Author Bio Box Plugins
I just spent hours activating a bunch of plugins for author boxes, and every single one of them is a huge box with NO options to reduce the size of the box. And they ALL come with an avatar space. Geez, I just want a simple, no-nonsense widget or whatever that’s big enough only to contain “Author: My Name” and one or two other lines. NOTHING MORE. What is it with all the bells and whistles? This p’s me off. Many of my posts are reviewed by the expert source and I want their name/title in the byline under mine. This means I cannot use a global author box. I also don’t want the text inside the post, as this will mess up the meta in the search results. I can’t believe a simple author box for what I want is so impossible to find.
7+ Best Author Bio Information Box WordPress Plugins (Free)
Author bio box WordPress plugin allows you to let your blog readers know about the author of the blog including author name, image, website, social media profile links, contact the author option and many other details. Normally located at the end of the blog posts, these small boxes play a vital role in letting your site visitors know about the writer of the article. By doing so, you can significantly boost the credibility of your WordPress blog as well as increases the authenticity among the user and authors.
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15 Best WordPress Author Bio Plugins for 2018
With this plugin you can display your author in style, it adds an expanding panel to show author details on the page, post. It also offers you a widget which can be placed them in the sidebar. Like the other plugins in this list, it offers you the option to show the image, detailed information and the social links of the author.
12 Best WordPress Author Bio Plugins of 2019 to Author Box and Improve Site Credibility
The templates give you a good starting point to customize your website. Moreover, you can customize every single detail of these templates. The WordPress author box plugin comes with tabs which mean you can easily add more information if needed. The social media feed is also available in this plugin, making it easier for anyone to follow what’s going on the author’s social media. Last, but not the least, it comes widget support for easily listing your authors anywhere on your website.
10 Best Premium Author bio WordPress Plugins
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The 7 BEST WordPress Author Bio Box Plugins 2019 (Compared)
Using Author bio box plugin is the best way to show author information without doing any coding. Everyone can’t do coding so installing a simple plugin will help you more. Author Box helps you to connect with people who read your blog. Whenever people read a good post they always like to know about the author, that’s why you need WordPress author bio box plugins below posts so that people can easily connect with you.
The Best of WordPress Author Box Plugins (Free & Premium)
The Fanciest Author Box plugin on CodeCanyon is a great plugin for any website. The plugin adds an author bio, social media, and mini-portfolio of latest works. The plugin automatically adds an author bio to the beginning, end, or any part you specify of each post where you can easily link to each author’s social media profiles (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).  The latest posts tab of the author box also greats valuable internal links, which could increase page views and decrease the bounce rate. The plugin is easy to use (use as a widget, shortcode, or template tag) and customize to your individual needs – and because it’s so nice, you may even persuade more people to become authors!
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11 of the Best WordPress Author Bio Plugins
But, what this plugin has to offer that none of the rest do, is the ability to add a different description for the same author, depending on which post the author box is displayed. So, if your website offers advice on a number of different topics (just like SitePoint does), you may have the same author writing articles on multiple topics (for example, in the case of SitePoint, the same author might write for the WordPress and the Mobile channels). So, you might want two different bios (one that highlights the author’s experience in WordPress, and the other in Mobile). This plugin allows you to do exactly that.
Which Free Author Bio Box Plugins are the Best for WordPress?
When you start a new blog, you need to create an author bio box. This is perfect for those looking to include more than one author or even those with just one author. The author bio box allows readers to associate the content on the blog with a specific person. You may need a plugin to make this happen. Here are some of the top choices for your free author bio box plugin for WordPress.
Ultimate Author Box lite is a free WordPress plugin that creates an Author Box for your Posts. It allows you to present your Content Writers/ authors in the most eligate and resectly way in neat, clean profressional templates.
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10 Best WordPress Author Bio Plugins of 2016
If you want to acknowledge guest contributors in your site but don’t wish to create a user for each author, Custom About Author plugin solves that problem. A separate user profile is created for the guest author under Users -> Custom Authors. Here, any admin can add a profile for the guest author. You can specify the author’s biographical information, link to website and social profiles and Gravatar email address.
Author Bio Box is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
10 Best Author Bio Box WordPress Plugins
Author bio box is not just a space for the author to write about his own likes and dislikes, it helps the author to build his/her own community on various social networks by linking their social media profile in it. Are you ready to engage with your blog readers by adding a perfect bio box below your post? Here are the 10 best author bio box plugin, each plugin has its own unique features. Find the perfect one for your WordPress blog. Don’t forget to share your favorite author bio plugin in the comment section below. 
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Best author bio box plugins for WordPress (2016)
You may have seen author bio widget below posts on many popular blogs. Bio section is important as it makes website users aware of the writer’s skills, hobbies, experience, etc. Just like about me, disclaimer, privacy policy pages, the bio section is one of the most useful elements of a WordPress site. Most WordPress themes include the author bio box and to display your information in it, navigate to your profile page by hovering your mouse cursor over users menu (This menu appears on the left side of your WordPress dashboard). If your theme lacks this widget, make sure that you install any of the below plugins.
WPML In order to translate the “Biographical Info” using this plugin you have to have the wpml-string-translation plugin installed and the following configurations made: In the String Translation settings at the bottom you will see a “More options” setting. Click “Edit” then select “Author” from there and finally click “Apply”. After this, in the filters above, at “Select strings within domain” select “Authors”. This will reveal the strings that can be translated from the author role.
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