5 Best Forum Plugins for WordPress

5 Best forum plugins for wordPress
Forums are meant to establish a one to one relationship with the readers like we do in comments but most of the time they are used to give support, if you are running a website a have something that needs constant support then it is now a days must and most of the time website are built with wordpress thus listed best plugins for wordpress because users wants to integrate their website with forums not want to make them stand out of their website.
10 Best Forum WordPress Plugins for 2018
This plugin is for all those who want to extend their website to a discussion board. This plugin is super-fast, responsive and lightweight. It is designed to be SEO-friendly too. From taking part in discussions, forming groups, reacting to others comments and lot more, this plugin lets you do so many things to keep your website at the top.
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What’s more is that Sabai has a report abuse system. Therefore, your regular forum users can let you know if they think another user isn’t following the rules or treating people with respect in the forum. Another reason to consider Sabai is that you can add multiple instances of the forum throughout your site. You also have the opportunity to do this with your website network, which may come in handy if you have several sites. Finally, Sabai caters to users who want a new-age design. It’s fully responsive and flat, straying away from the forum designs of past digital ages. Overall, it’s more likely to satisfy those with modern websites, since the user experience feels current and it looks like a forum from this decade.
Number one WordPress forum plugin. Full-fledged forum solution with modern and responsive forum design. Community…
10 Best WordPress Forum Plugins
AnsPress enables you to add, edit, sort, answer, and vote on questions. It also provides added features such as labels, marking favorite questions, and a user points system. Its latest release has improved a lot, and you shouldn’t find any major issue working with this plugin. Moreover, AnsPress is frequently updated coming with more features based on feedback from our users.
What Is The Best WordPress Forum Plugin? 5 Options Compared
That’s it for settings! Depending on your view of things, that could be a good or a bad thing. On the good side, it means that bbPress is super simple to get up and running with. On the bad side, that means people who like digging into lots of settings and configuring everything might feel a little restricted.
How to Add a Forum to WordPress – 6 Best WordPress Forum Plugins
Forums are a great way to add user generated content to your WordPress site. Whether they’re filled with light-hearted banter or users asking support questions, forums allow your readers to interact with you and others in a two-way dialogue. And here’s the best part: they’re surprisingly easy to add to your site with a WordPress forum plugin.
14 Best WordPress Forum Plugins For Creating a Community Site
With an amazingly uncluttered interface, DW Question & Answer gives you a question and answer plugin which does much more than just providing a place to post questions and answers. It is a powerful email notification hub, which also couples as an enabler of sticky questions which prioritizes the hottest topic that is being discussed on your WordPress page. It also allows marking of the question and answering them privately giving rise to a separate conversation within a conversation.
How to Sort Your WordPress Plugins into Groups
IMPORTANT: wpForo Font Awesome lib is updated to version 5. If your theme doesn’t have v5 and you’ve disabled wpForo Font Awesome lib, please enable it back in Settings > Features admin page. If you’ve changed forum icons, member fields and reputation icons, please edit and insert new values using Font Awesome 5 new classes.
12 Best WordPress Forum Plugin Options for Community Building
I’m doing a group nutrition/ diet program for people with chronic health problems.. I will be leading people through a class I am making. I want them to be able to ask questions so that I can answer them. I want to be able to limit them from answering each other’s questions (at least I’d like to approve the answer before it gets published), because I don’t want bad advice and I don’t want people selling things to each other etc. Also I’d like to be notifying people of webinars. I’d like to be able to categorize questions into say condition. Diabetes, heart, dementia, arthritis etc. Cost is not very important. I’d like to stay away from recurring annual or monthly costs but paying for the plug in is OK with me. And paying for support is OK too. I want to make the best decision the first time because I know there will be a bit of a learning curve. To me all these forums sound good. With that in mind could you suggest my best choices?