16 Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

16 Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers
Are you a marketer trying to make the most out of WordPress? Recently, one of our readers asked us to recommend the best WordPress plugins for marketers. These are the plugins that can help marketers achieve their goals like increasing sales or traffic. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best WordPress plugin for marketers.
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By using this plugin, you can create link according to your wish using the domain name. It is available for free in the name of Pretty Link Lite, and you can upgrade to the pro version on subscriptions. In simple words, it helps you in shortening the links and also exhibits you the report of the hits by tracking each hit on your link. It can work on WordPress versions above 4.7.
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As the world’s best SEO plugin, Yoast SEO is full of amazing features that go beyond simple tags and meta description boxes. You’ll be asked to choose a focus keyword upon starting, ensuring that your entire post can be optimized, not just your meta data. And the grading system makes it easy to tell when you’ve done everything right.
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Every website owner wants to make their website super fast primarily because of two reasons- (A) to help their site rank well in search engines and (B) allow visitors to access the website quickly and easily. Generally, website owners take a number of steps to make their websites fast. Caching is one of the most useful ways of making your site fast. But, it’s a complicated process and non-technical users face difficulties to implement caching on their websites.
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Potential customers are more likely to purchase a product recommended by people they know. By having a contact form on your site, you’re making it easy for your visitors to reach out to you. WPForms also let you easily integrate your form with an email marketing service, so you can build connections with your visitors.
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However, Yoast SEO plugin also has powerful features such as SEO analysis and readability analysis to perfect your content. For each post you create, it analyzes your writing and grades you on whether your content is good for SEO and readability. If your content is poor in regard to its SEO and readability parameters, Yoast SEO provides you with suggestions on how to make improvements.
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Keeping your campaigns organized across multiple channels is every marketer’s headache, and it’s imperative to make sure no leads are falling through the cracks. These WordPress plugins for lead capture help to connect the dots between your website, email lists and your CRM.
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TaskFreak is full of features, mobile friendly and compatible with all WordPress themes. Marketing professionals have a lot on their plate and staying organized is a must. As a free plugin, this one is worth your consideration. It may be the secret to staying organized and improving production and efficiency.
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Many believe (perhaps quite rightly!) that there is one area in particular where WordPress is not that user-friendly, and that’s none other than scheduling content. If you are also bothered with a thing or two about scheduling the posts you create on WordPress, Editorial Calendar is the right kind of plugin to make your life easier.