How to Enable Automatic Updates for WordPress Plugins

How to Automatically Update WordPress Plugins
After saving the changes, WordPress will automatically update all plugins when there are new versions available for download. You don’t have to do a thing. Although this might sound practical, it might be dangerous to enable automatic updates for all of your plugins. Some may break your site completely, some will cause compatibility issues, and those plugins that you have customized will overwrite everything you’ve done. So, if you have those kinds of plugins that you don’t want to update automatically, you will be interested in enabling automatic updates only for specific plugins.
By default, automatic background updates only happen for plugins and themes in special cases, as determined by the API response, which is controlled by the WordPress security team for patching critical vulnerabilities. To enable or disable updates in all cases, you can leverage the auto_update_$type filter, where $type would be replaced with "plugin" or "theme".
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How To Enable Auto Updates For WordPress Plugins
Underneath the disable automatic plugin updates option you will see email updates option. Enabling this option will allow the plugin to send an email to the WordPress administrator email address when any of the plugin has been updated automatically.
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There could be several reasons you might not like the idea of automatic updates. Some developers often modify core WordPress files, or sometimes you might need to prepare your theme or plugins to make them compatible with the next update. Whatever be the case, switching to manual updates gives you a better control, allowing you to skip some minor updates (although not recommended) or updating as per your convenience.
How to Enable or Disable WordPress Automatic Updates
WordPress added automatic upgrades starting in version 3.7. Automatic upgrades are important because they keep your WordPress installation updated with the latest security patches and overall WordPress fixes or additions. The following tutorial shows you how to enable or disable automatic upgrades, though we strongly recommend that you not disable your automatic upgrades.
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How To Enable Automatic Updates For WordPress Themes
And it’s possible that older themes or plugins can conflict with your latest WordPress version. Have you ever thought to enable automatic updates for WordPress themes?
Great tutorial as always! As a Designer, when I log into a blog and see there are many plugins that haven’t been updated, I cringe. This could be a good tool for some. However, as you know, sometimes when a plugin updates it can cause conflicts with our theme and/or other plugins. This is why I wouldn’t enable auto plugins. If a plugin auto updated and conflicted with something on my site and took it down, I may not be able to react fast enough to bring my site back up, thus possibly causing me missed opportunities.
How Can You Enable Automatic Updates For WordPress Plugins
You can check the box and choose the enabled option from below. If you don’t want any plugin to get updated automatically then you don’t need to check the box.
A Deep Dive Into WordPress Automatic Updates
With the specific purpose to improve the installation security and make the site administration easier, WordPress 3.7 introduced automatic updates. By default, this cool feature is enabled for minor releases (i.e. maintenance and security releases) and translation files, but it’s possible to customize any kind of updates. So, in this post, we’ll look at how to automate the upgrade process anytime a new version of WordPress core, theme or plugin is released. Let’s dive deep into WordPress automatic updates!