Why Do You Not See All Plugins on WordPress Multisite Installs

An Introduction to a WordPress Multisite Setup
Hi Luke. Sure, Multisite is not a good option in many cases. Working with Multisite can be hard expecially when it comes to user management. Moreover, it’s fundamental to choose a good hosting service, plugin and theme limitations could be frustrating for single site admins, some plugins do not work with Multisite, … Neverthelles, I think that in many cases Multisite is a good option. For instance, it’s great when you have to manage websites which are someway connected (i.e. same client). Of course, much depends on your client needs, budget and requests. Thanks for you comment
How To Install a WordPress Multisite Network and Why
In reality, you can set up a multisite network on many kinds of hosting platforms. However, it’s advisable that you use dedicated server hosting or even VPS because all of the websites will share the server’s resources. If you use a shared server plan, all of your sites as well as the websites of others will use those components. This may cause your sites to operate slowly.
Plugins and Themes: Another important difference between WordPress and WordPress Multisite is how plugins and themes are managed. In WordPress Multisite, plugins and themes are installed in the network admin, and are available for use across any site in the network. There are two ways to activate a plugin or theme: At the network admin level, you can “network activate” a plugin or “network enable” a theme. This will make the plugin active or make the theme available for use across every site in the network. The other way is to activate the plugin or theme at the single site level for each individual site.
Beginner’s Guide: How to Set Up WordPress Multisite
Enable this setting, fill out the rest of the fields on the page, and click on the Install button. Softaculous will set up WordPress Multisite for you, and the next time you access your dashboard you’ll be able to use the new features. We’ll talk about those in a minute, but first, let’s discuss what to do if you already have a working WordPress website (or if your host doesn’t offer the Softaculous installer).
7 reasons to use WordPress Multisite
On regular WordPress, you have a single administrator role with full management access to the website. When you use Multisite, each site will have its own administrator, but the main site will have a “super administrator” who has access to all the content on subsites as well. The administrators on the subsites will not have access to other sites in the network or the hosting URL. In addition, there is also a “network administrator,” who can manage content on a network-wide basis. Only the super administrator or someone who has been granted access by the super administrator can gain network-wide access. This may sound like too much micromanagement for those with small sites, however, for a massive network of sites, like Edublog or the University of Maine Online, these features are huge time savers.
The Ultimate Guide to Multilingual WordPress: WPML VS Polylang VS Multisite
Hello. I have developed an e-shop with woocommerce. I have also installed wp all import plugin in order to import my products (which are about 10000).Moreover I want to have my site to a second language as well as my products. I am not going to translate each product, I am going to import them in the second language. However if I use wpml plugin the import process with wp all import plugin woulb be very slow and with problems.So I am wondering if is better solution to create a multisite in order to have two sites and do the import process two times in the two different sites.What is your opinion?
When and When Not to Use WordPress Multisite
Today I was on WP Watercooler Episode #63 and the topic was WordPress Multisite. Much of our talk was focused on whether or not you should actually be using multisite. Mika Epstein – a well known WordPress developer and contributor – spoke about several reasons for and against using WP multisite (Mika presented at WCSF13 this year discussing Don’t Use WordPress Multisite). During the show several good reasons were highlighted for and against using multisite and I thought it worth while to delve into further.
How to Manage Posts from All Sites in Multisite Dashboard in one place
I need a feature to have all posts listed on single dashboard so that admin can approve posts. The idea is that author will have posts only in draft mode, then admin approves his post on his site. I suppose this case is possible via your plugin? This network dashboard comes out of the box, or you need to do a bit of custom coding with your Class for it?