How to Translate a WordPress Plugin in Your Language

How to Translate a WordPress Plugin in Your Language
Do you want to translate a WordPress plugin in your language? Many WordPress plugins are fully translation ready and can be easily translated by anyone in the world. In this article, we will show you how to easily translate a WordPress plugin in your language (without knowing any code).
How To Translate Your Website With A WordPress Multi Language Plugin
42% of surveyed people never buy products in different languages, which means that you might be missing out on a trove of potential customers, especially if you ship products globally. By using a WordPress multi language plugin to offer your shop in multiple languages, you’re able to reach that audience and convert them into customers.
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Should you wish to translate a plugin locally for your own use, you can install a WordPress plugin called Loco Translate to help you with the task. The plugin includes a translation editor, fully integrated in the WordPress administration dashboard, alongside automated translatable string extraction, a language dictionary and more.
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You can get more than just translated WP ERP. We are offering 30% discount as a token of appreciation to those who will translate WP ERP into their own language. If you cannot find your language in the language list, you can request to create that via our contact form and start translating online.
WordPress L10n: How to Translate Your Plugin
Save the file in this format my-plugin-{locale}.po where the {locale} is the language code and/or country code that you defined in the constant WPLANG in the file wp-config.php. For example, the locale for German is de_DE. The my-plugin is the text domain of the plugin.
With Weglot Translate, you can translate your site into a multilingual website with multiple languages in minutes without doing any code. Weglot Translate is totally SEO compatible. Weglot Translate follows Google’s best practice in terms of multilingual websites to serve a translated webpage with clean source code. Every translated version of your website will be indexed by Google.
how to translate wordpress plugin in any language?
then download POEDIT software, and open this file. then edit the “translation” field, and then save as “my-pluginname-de_DE” there will be generated two files ( If poEdit does not generate the second .mo file automatically, just go to File -> Preferences -> Editor and check the box that says “Automatically compile .mo file on save”),
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How to Translate WordPress into Any Language
Also, everyone who’s registered on can now translate themes and plugins directly from the website. Just select an item, choose the language and start suggesting strings. After that, editors in charge of the language will go through your suggestions and approve them if done correctly. When a specific language reaches just enough translated strings, that theme or plugin will automatically get the available translation files, and everybody will be able to download the item in that language anytime. How awesome is that?!
How to translate WordPress themes and plugins with Loco Translate
I’m afraid you can’t unless you saved a PO/MO file somewhere on your computer. Some themes/plugins allow you to put translations in the folder /wp-content/languages/ which is the main languages folder used by WordPress. That folder is update safe and your translations won’t be lost while updating. If your theme/plugin does not allow it, contact its author and ask him to include that path in the code of the plugin/theme.
How to Convert/Translate WordPress In Your Language
The above two mentioned methods to translate WordPress site are yourself translation. However, if you have a free plugin/theme which you want the whole user community to contribute the translation into all other languages, how can you do that? In my opinion, the best way is to use Transifex which is a localization management platform. It helps collect, translate and deliver digital content, web and mobile apps in multiple languages. Coming to Transifex, you can search for organization, where you can join and upload your project for other people to contribute their translation.