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Pippin Williamson
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8 Questions with Pippin Williamson from Pippins Plugins
I wonder how he explains these parts together though:“This was when I was in my first few years at the University of Kansas and web development served as an after-school side project for me. It mostly funded my coffee shelf.”“If I were to start over, I would try and hire team members sooner. I spent a year of my life really struggling to make it through each day because I was so overloaded with work. My business was thriving but my personal happiness and mental health were seriously deteriorating. Bringing on other people to help share the load is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”It’s the dilemma that all the beginners face, right?
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Pippin’s Plugins
The WordPress metadata API is a simple way to store and retrieve information related to various objects in WordPress, such as posts, users, and taxonomy terms. Out of the box, WordPress includes post meta, user meta, and term meta, but what if you want metadata on other objects, such as custom objects provided by a plugin? Thankfully, the metadata API is actually quite simple to extend, allowing developers to easily register their own kind of metadata that is attached to their own, custom objects.
Four years ago, I started out on a journey to build an eCommerce plugin for myself so that I could sell a few of the plugins I was building. A plugin to sell plugins, how meta. As with most of the projects I choose to dedicate my time and energy to, Easy Digital Downloads was built for me by me but in such a way that others could make use of it if they wished. Today, Easy Digital Downloads is installed on over 50,000 websites, has reached nearly one million downloads, and has grown to a sustainable business that supports the livelihood of an ever-growing team comprised of full time employees and active contractors.
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Pippin Williamson
This site has come about in part as a way for me to focus all of my custom WordPress plugin work in one location, but mainly as a resource that I hope will help to fill the gap in WordPress plugin development documentation. There are countless websites out there that post daily, weekly, or monthly tutorials and tips on WordPress development, but not a single one that focuses purely on Plugins.
Pippin Williamson
Pippin Williamson is the man behind the fantastic plugins Restrict Content Pro, Easy Digital Downloads and Affiliate WP as well as teaching others in his plugin development courses at and co-hosting the Apply Filters podcast with Brad Touesnard – and he’s only 25!
2014 in review
Open source software stands at the very heart of my business and encompasses many of the core beliefs and ideologies that I choose to follow in my business practices. In much the same way that I believe open source software dramatically benefits all of those involved, I also believe that open businesses can have a significantly positive impact on everyone involved. It’s for those reasons that I choose to be 100% transparent with my business and reveal actual statistics related to revenue and expenses.
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I used WordPress purely as a platform to build client sites for about a year, at which point I accidentally stumbled into the world of plugin development. A client wanted a special feature that allowed him to upload custom fonts, so I built the feature into his theme. I later wrote up a tutorial on how I did it. Dozens of readers requested that I turn the feature into a standard plugin, but I had never written a plugin nor did I even have an idea of how they worked. After coercing myself, I got over my fear of the unknown and jumped in. Turns out creating a plugin was way simpler than I had expected and I soon had Font Uploader available for purchase.
2013 in Review
In March of 2013 I officially incorporated and became Pippin’s Pages, LLC. This business is the overhead that includes Pippin’s Plugins and Easy Digital Downloads. Finally taking the steps to make my business “official” in the eyes of the state of Kansas was extremely important to me for several reasons. First, it gave more credence to the business. Second, it allowed me to create a better separation of business assets from personal assets. Instead of all revenue my business brings in being “mine”, it now belongs to the company and I simply pay myself a salary. By paying myself a salary, I can also now much better determine the kinds of funds I have available to reinvest back into the business. And lastly, creating an LLC protects my family. If I get sued for any reason or the business is liable for some kind of damages, it is the business’s assets that are in danger, not the personal assets of my family.
Discontinuing memberships on Pippin’s Plugins
My ability to consistently produce new material and to provide code reviews like I used to has continually waned as the product side of my business has grown. For a long time I held onto the hope that I could find a way to get back to consistently producing new content for this site but a small part of me has known that is unlikely to ever happen, and so I have made the only right decision available: close down memberships.
Pippin Williamson pippinsplugins
Piracy happens in just about every industry, but the impact that piracy has on your business largely has to do with how you choose to fight it. If you take an active approach and invest multitudes of time, effort, and money into combatting those that have no appreciation for the value of your product, you will actually undermine the intrinsic value of the product. How? Simply by investing time, money and effort in the wrong place. I prefer to take the time, effort and money that I could use to fight piracy and invest it directly into real customers and the people that have an appreciation for what has been built. Is some money lost due to piracy? Maybe. Is a whole lot more g
I firmly believe in and stand behind my products 100%, but I are understand that no all plugins can work perfectly for everyone all of the time. If you are unhappy with your purchase, or you have an issue that we are unable to resolve that makes the system unusable, I am more than happy to provide a complete refund within 30 days of your original purchase.
Series is a powerful payment processor that is designed for developers and is by far one of the best payment systems I have ever worked with. This tutorial series is going to walk you through how to integrate payment forms, payment tracking, setting up recurring payment profiles, and more in WordPress with the Stripe API.
An Interview with Pippin Williamson of Restrict Content Pro, AffiliateWP & Easy Digital Downloads
Pippin Williamson is the man behind the fantastic plugins Restrict Content Pro, Easy Digital Downloads and Affiliate WP as well as teaching others in his plugin development courses at and co-hosting the Apply Filters podcast with Brad Touesnard – and he’s only 25!