How to Rollback WordPress Plugins (Version Control for Beginners)
While it’s considered best practice to always keep your WordPress plugins and themes updated, we understand there are times you may need to quickly revert to a previous version. This plugin makes that process as easy as a few mouse clicks. Simply select the version of the plugin or theme that you’d like to rollback to, confirm, and in a few moments you’ll be using the version requested. No more fumbling to find the version, downloading, unzipping, FTPing, learning Subversion or hair pulling.
How to Rollback a Broken WordPress Plugin Update
I’m going to show you three different approaches. Which one you choose will depend on your situation. For example, the first two approaches on this list will only work if you have access to your WordPress admin area. If the plugin update has broken your site so that you can’t access the admin area, try Method #3 instead.
How To Do A Manual Rollback of WordPress?
I have a love-hate relationship with WordPress.  I love it because it’s the simplest CMS, pretty damn dynamic, and I’m the most fluent with it.  But, if there is one thing that drives me mad it’s simply this; WordPress rolls out a lot of updates, but sometimes they make my site broken.  That or plugins or widgets don’t work correctly.  While there is a way to disable automatic updates (see this article).  In this article I want to give you a how-to guide on how to manually rollback to a previous version of WordPress, using your FTP.
Have you ever updated a WordPress plugin only to realize that the new update breaks your site? It’s extremely frustrating and is often one of the main reasons why beginners don’t update plugins. In this article, we will show you how to rollback WordPress plugins like a version control system for beginners.
How To Rollback A WordPress Theme Or Plugin Update
Hi Adam, I have a bug with Elementor Pro. Webpages scroll automatically and wont stop till reaching the foot of the page – when in mobile view. The current version of Elementor Pro is 2.0.16 This plugin “WP Rollback” won’t work as Elementor Pro is downloaded via Elementor‘s website and not WordPress. It seems that Elementor don’t have previous versions available to install, for subscribers, via their website. Do you know of a workaround for this?
How to Rollback WordPress Theme and Plugin Installation
Updating the WordPress plugin or WordPress theme is an avid task, by updating the themes/plugins you will get the new features and also decrease the vulnerabilities. But sometimes the new updates conflicts with some other plugins and spoils the whole game and also makes you think of “Roll back” feature for WordPress. If you are thinking for such a plugin then you should have a look at WP Rollback WordPress plugin.
WP Rollback: Quickly Switch WordPress Themes & Plugins Version
Thanks for sharing this information. Like this thing happened to me when I updated Social Warfare plugin. Everything has gone wrong, so I deactivated it and installed the new one. If I know about this wp rollback maybe I can avoid that situation.
How to Roll Back Any WordPress Plugin or Theme with Ease
If you work with WordPress, you’ve come across those times when a new update does something unexpected and unwanted to your site. Or, you’ve inherited a site that has 10 VERY outdated plugins that doing a simple “Update All” might cause utter chaos. In those cases, it’s very tedious to go find the older or newer version of the plugin on the WordPress repository, upload it, and check all the things again. I know I can say that we at WordImpress wanted a better way to see this happen.
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How to rollback a WordPress update
For the most part, these are issues are caused by a theme or plugin that has not been updated to work with the latest WordPress version or the WordPress version doesn’t support the PHP version running on your server. Another issue could be — and this is my favorite — that your webmaster hacked WordPress, the theme or a plugin.
Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Version Control – 2 Ways to Start
Imagine a commit as a snapshot of the state of your project. Once a commit is created, it enables you to revert to that state of your project at a future date. You can create a detailed commit message to identify a commit. At the system level, a commit is identified by a large hexadecimal number, called the commit hash. These terms are a little complex – so again, the next plugin offers a simpler way.
How to Rollback WordPress 5.0 to a Previous Version
Step 2) Install and Activate the Plugin > Then go to Settings > WP-Downgrade > then Enter the version you’d like to rollback to > for example I used 4.9.8View moreStep 3) Save changes and then click the link to upgrade your WP Core, then it should have the version you entered and successfully rollback changes (just like you’d update to a newer version from WP).View moreIf you want to stop or disable auto-updates entirely, you can add this plugin from –