How to Display Popular Posts by Views in WordPress without a Plugin
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Display Popular Posts by Views in WordPress without a Plugin
By default WordPress does not allow to show or order post by views, so we have to use a little trick which can make our blog a much more lively. So let get started, first, we ‘ll create a custom post meta as whpp_track_post_views, then on every post visit we have to increase the counter by one.
How to Display Total Views on WordPress Posts
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How to display most popular posts without any plugin
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Display Most Commented Posts | sidebar.php
On line 14 of the code: I set the posts_per_page parameter to 5, meaning that the five Most Commented posts will be displayed. You can change this number to whatever you like. Also, if you totally removed posts_per_page parameter (if you removed &posts_per_page=5), then the Most Commented posts will default to whatever number you set it in your dashboard (Administration > Settings > Reading).
How to display WordPress Popular Posts: Top 3 WP Popular Post Plugins
For a new user planning to create a new WordPress blog or magazine website, you may not need to worry or even read this post. It is so because most of the WordPress magazine themes and blog themes have in-built popular posts feature or integration with a specific plugin providing this feature. So, all you need to do is to look for this feature on the theme you are going to use for your new website.
WordPress – How to Display Most Popular Posts by Views
Displays the most viewed posts at the sidebar are very helpful for visitors to find out the most popular post of your site. This tutorial will show you the simple way to display the most popular posts by views without using any plugin. You can get the most popular posts using simple WordPress most viewed posts query.
How to Display Most Popular Post Without Using Plugin in WordPress
There are numerous plugins available on the WordPress plugin directory for most popular posts. We are going to display the most popular post using the simple post query based on post views. We will be using post Meta to store the views count and we’ll fetch the posts according to the views count using the stored Meta value. Sounds confusing but it’s easier to implement.
How to Display The Most Popular Posts in WordPress
There are main plugins that can do this but you don’t need a plugin for simple things like this in fact. You can use these code snippet and then you can style it exactly as you want. This tutorial will show you the simple way to display the most popular posts and comments by views without using any plugin.
How to add the Popular posts widget in WordPress without a plugin
We all know how important it is to selectively use plugins on a WordPress blog. Reason being it reduces the load time due to additional querying of our databases. So the ultimate alternative is to use custom codes where ever possible. Again if you really want to choose plugins then take a look at our top 10 WordPress plugins list and install them.
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