How to Compare Active WordPress Plugins Between Two Sites

How To Compare Active WordPress Plugins Between Two Sites
Consider you have installed so many plugins on your websites that you get confused in finding the one you are looking for. The default plugin page in WordPress shows the list of plugins you have installed on your site. This page has a search box at the top to search and manage the plugins. It could really be a painful task for you to scroll down the log list to search for the plugin you are looking for. This installed plugin search feature is very Now consider it in this way, you are managing multiple websites and you want to compare the active plugins. When it is a pain to search a particular plugin on your site, then how much painful will it be to compare the active WordPress plugins between two sites? It seems to be hard even think about it.
Do you have plugins sitting around that you’re not sure if they’re being used on any sites in a multisite network? Use the Plugins Report feature located under the Network Admin Plugins section to see which sites a plugin is active on. It will even give you a list of plugins that aren’t activated on any site so you can safely delete those unused plugins.
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How to Distinguish between WordPress Plugins and Themes
The most important difference that separates plugins from themes is that a WordPress site always has one and only one active theme, but it can have as many active plugins as you want — even none. This difference is important because it means that switching from one theme to another prevents you from using the features of the old theme. In contrast, activating a new plugin doesn’t prevent you from making use of the other active plugins.