22 Great WordPress Plugins for Managing Images (Updated)

22 Great WordPress Plugins for Managing Images (Updated)
Sliders allow you to drive user’s attention to your most important content with beautiful image slideshows accompanied by text, call to action, and animation. However, Sliders can also slow down your website speed which affects user experience and SEO.
20 WordPress Plugins to Enhance Post Management – Best of
Post type Switcher is a fantastic plugin which allows you to switch the post type quickly while editing a post. By using this plugin, you can quickly change a post to a page, a page to a post, etc. That’s not all, you can also switch the post type for numerous posts in bulk, and interestingly, you can get access to invisible post types too like menus, revisions, etc.
5 Best WordPress Firewall Plugins Compared
How to Update WordPress Plugins
Thanks for a great article about updating plugins. I benefit greatly from the tools available from iThemes – including Sync. I like having one place to go and manage all my sites. I do have one question regarding the auto-update feature available in WordPress. Is there danger in doing that since there isn’t control over when the updates occur? Obviously, I have BackupBuddy making regular backups, but I like to run a backup before and after WP Core, Theme, or Plugin updates. Is it a great risk to us auto-updating given that it would be outside of my ability to control timing?
The Best Plugin to Manage and Design WordPress Blogs – WP Blog Manager
WP Blog Manager, truly justifies itself as the best plugin to manage and design WordPress blogs. You have a hundred different layouts to choose from, have an option to get things your way while putting up posts and pages, it works with all themes and on all devices, and customer support is merely a click away. This one plugin is all the effort you need to put for creating a perfect blog, and giving your blog a new look every other day.
The first release candidate for WordPress 5.2 is now available! This is an important milestone as we progress toward the WordPress 5.2 release date. “Release Candidate” means that the new version is ready for release, but with millions of users and thousands of plugins and themes, it’s possible something was missed. WordPress 5.2 is scheduled to […]
If you click the “Edit All” button, you’ll gain the ability to activate and deactivate multiple plugins at a time. You can also enable or disable automatic updates for multiple plugins, or remove them from your site altogether.
Great Plugins for Managing a Multi-Author WordPress Site
Editorial Calendar: This plugin gives you an overview of scheduled posts, post authors, and the dates when you scheduled the posts to publish to your blog. This plugin can help you prevent multiple author posts from publishing too close together or, in some cases, right on top of one another by enabling you to reschedule posts by using a drag-and-drop interface.
Images make up a critical part of all websites and mobile applications these days. They are the centerpieces of a great product and user experience. Managing your images and delivering the perfect image, tailored and optimized for your user’s device is, therefore, more critical than it has ever been. However, this takes up a lot of development and maintenance time that could have otherwise been used in building your core product. This is where ImageKit can excel.
The Sermon Manager is available as a FREE download however in order to maintain a free version we offer premium support packages for those who need any custom assistance. Paid support means you get exclusive access to the Sermon Manager forum as well as support tickets. This is also a way you can donate to the project to help us offer prompt support and a free version of the plugin.
5 Essential WordPress Plugins To Manage Curated Lists
Curation Suite is a well developed content curation solution for WordPress. Its focus is to promote video and social media content. There is a one time payment of $147 for this plugin and yet there is a quick start package including fully guided installation and help for $697. Curation Suite includes a helpful YouTube video search and visual image selection.
Photography Management is a plugin for professional photographers and designers, who need to provide their clients/customers with images and photographs. It also allows to manage the designer’s clients and projects. Your photographs are only uploaded to your own WordPress server, where you can easily password protect your galleries, such that only selected people can access it. Just send your customer a mail with the link to the gallery and the password which you have set previously in Photography Management. Now only this specific customer can access your gallery, watch it and download a zip file of the gallery.
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