10 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

10 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress 2019
Beyond that – consider the style and placement options that you want, because one of the other plugins still might be a better option depending on your needs. For example, Sassy Social Share and Ultimate Social Media have some unique style options.
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Share buttons … share buttons everywhere! With Monarch – the second entry on our list of best social media plugins for WordPress – you can add social icons anywhere on your site and in any form: floating sidebars, above and/or below content, on images and videos, automatic pop-ups, automatic fly-ins, and more.
AddToAny is an extremely popular social sharing plugin. It is reportedly the most popular social share plugin at WordPress.org. Upon further inspection, they seem to have very active plugin development, high install counts, and a high rating. They offer over 100 different social networks sharing buttons, including a helpful universal button that lets users pick any network. This may just be your saving grace if you’re a member of a smaller or country-specific social sharing platform.
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Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons – one of best social media plugin for WordPress which allows you to add share icons for RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, ‘Share’ (covering 200+ other social media platforms). It gives you 16 diferent designs for social media share icons. Main features:
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Review: One feature we found different in this plugin is that it doesn’t load any external scripts which may affect site loading speed. Additional features include a widget to show most shared posts, share counts aggregation, URL shortening integration and mobile-ready with the support for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
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Another great plugin to consider adding in the list is AccessPress Social Icons Pro that lets you create numerous social profile links and icons right from your site.AccessPress Social Icons pro plugin is fun to use since it lets you create, customize and develop icons for social media profiles. It comes packed with 16 different sets of icons and allows you to add your own custom icon. You can also choose from 105 font awesome icons, style/color theme as per your preference.
Top 10 Social Media Plugins for WordPress
It is essential for every blogger out there to include social sharing buttons on their blog since it was started because it’s not easy to achieve a great amount of traffic towards your blog if you don’t have social media integration, correct? Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, and Tumblr are the most popular among the social sites, though there are many other social sites which can also be equally effective if they are used properly. However, it comes down to you which social media sites you want to be active on.
Top 10 Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress
A really simple social share plugin with just 5 social icons (Twitter, Facebook Like, Google +1, Linkedin and FaceBook Share) although you can add further custom buttons if you wish. This is the plugin that we use here at TechLogon – see the bottom of this post for an example (can be configured for posts/pages at top/bottom and left/right/floating). We tried dozens of other plugins and settled on this one as it is quick and does the job if you only want the most popular social networks represented.
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You can also create a custom scheduling and track the traffic generated via this plugin in Google Analytics. Revive Old Post is a true hands-off solution, which means that you only need to set it once, and you’ve all this social sharing stuff covered. It works for Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, and Tumblr.
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Shared Counts is a lean social media plugin for your WordPress site that quickly retrieves, caches and displays various social sharing counts by using SharedCount.com API. This is by far the fastest social sharing plugin on the market. Most other share plugins slow down your website, but this one was written by highly-reputable developers who value performance.
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As mentioned, it’s so easy to run out of sidebar real estate with everything bloggers are expected to include these days. If you’re a fan of the Wibiya-style toolbar that’s fixed to the bottom edge of the viewport no matter how far up or down you scroll, then WP Social Toolbar may appeal to you. The benefit is that sharing options are always available to the user: if your sharing buttons are at the top of an article, users may forget to use them by the time they’ve finished reading. Too far down the page and the user might not get to them. While some don’t like these ever-present toolbars, they tend to increase the likelihood that users will share.
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10 Best Free Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress in 2019
Social Media has revolutionized the way internet users interact and share information online. Over 70 % of internet users are on social media – making it be widely considered as one of the Most Powerful Modern Marketing Tools. Almost everyone today is either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+; 4 of the Largest Social Media Platforms currently. More and more people are joining social media every single day, which translates to a mounting progress and explosive growth. A few years ago, readers used to subscribe to blogs using RSS. These days, people can subscribe to a website’s official social media accounts to get notifications on new content. If you are using WordPress for your site, you don’t want to ignore the power of social sharing plugins. People love to share articles and content they find interesting, and providing them with an easy way to do this will unlock your blog’s potential for Social Growth.
10 Free Best WordPress Social Media Plugin Of 2019
Cresta plugins support only five social network, which is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkdIn and Pinterest. It has social counter feature and also gives you the option to choose up to 9 button styles. You can able to show the social buttons as a floating and also you can show the social buttons before/after the content of the post or page. You can easily display social buttons, anywhere you want to display on your blog by using of shortcode.