10 Best WordPress Plugins for Podcasters

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Podcasters
Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for podcasters? WordPress is a popular blogging platform choice among top podcasters due to its flexibility that comes with various podcasting plugins. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best WordPress podcasting plugins.
The 7 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available in 2019
To set up Simple Podcast Press, you simply enter your iTunes or SoundCloud URL, and the plugin will do the rest. Unique pages for each of your episodes are created, and a mobile-friendly player is inserted. This is automatically accompanied by the full description of your episode, as well as any images taken from your podcast feed. Thereafter, each time you publish a new episode, your WordPress site will automatically update.
12 Best Podcasting Plugins for WordPress
Podcasts are one of the hottest trends in media today. Personally, I can tell you that they make doing chores much less boring (I’ve actually started looking forward to washing my car, because that gives me a chance to listen to my podcasts!). Also, a hit podcast like Serial can be as big a cultural phenomenon as any blockbuster movie or HBO prestige TV series.
5 of the Top WordPress Podcast Plugins for 2019
There are some significant reasons behind the rapidly growing popularity of Podcasting. Firstly, it doesn’t need any satellites, radio tower or a studio to create one. All they need is the necessary stuff for the recording like microphone, computer, and a video camera and a web connection. Next thing, users can easily subscribe to their favorite show. Hence, showtime is not a problem anymore. One can watch their favorite show anytime, anywhere. Unlike the internet, listeners are the ones who decide which program they like to listen to and at what time. And the third one is its portability. You can download podcasts on any portable devices and it works perfectly well on all kinds of devices.
9 Best Podcast WordPress Themes 2019
Another related useful feature of Castilo that can help you use this theme in a different way, is the support for importing episodes of your podcast that you’ve published elsewhere. Therefore, if you don’t want to take care of the hosting of your podcast content, but still want a website where your audience can come and check out the show notes as well as interact with you in other ways, Castilo is more than up to the task. As this process can be fully automated through the settings of this theme, including creating a custom schedule that controls when to run the import job, you really can let your website take care of this aspect of keeping up to date with each episode you publish.
The 15 Best WordPress Themes for Podcasters in 2019
Audioatro has a unique, full-width audio player, called the “Audio Visualizer”, that’s placed on top of a full-width, background image on your page. The audio player includes a bunch of 3D bars that run across the bottom of your page to show listeners their timestamp in the podcast. These bars also rise and fall with the podcast’s volume levels to add another entertaining and interactive visual element. Audioatro also has two podcast-specific templates to choose from and expert customer support in case you run into a challenge that you need help troubleshooting.
WordPress Plugins for Podcasters
Podlove Podcast Publisher makes it easier for you to manage your podcast from your WordPress site. It offers highly compatible podcast feeds with fine grain control over your feeds. It offers multi-format feeds, support for different audio and video codecs, an enhanced HTML5 player, chapters support, download stats, and flexible templates.
WordPress Plugins for Podcasters
If you’re a podcaster and intend to store audio files on your web hosting account, you may need to add storage and bandwidth to your account so that you don’t run out of space or incur higher fees from your web hosting provider. Discuss these issues with your web hosting provider to find out upfront what you have to pay for increased disk space and bandwidth needs.
9 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress
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