9 Best Heatmap Tools and Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Best Heatmap Tools and Plugins for Your WordPress Site
Heatmap lets you to visualize the number of visitors who visit any WordPress based website. Special Heatmap plugins and tools can demonstrate the whole overlay with the most visited and viewed areas marked as red zones and “colder” – less popular areas with the low user activity. Such Heatmap tools differ from Google Analytics software. Google Analytics will show how many users visit a website, what pages they view and how transfer between pages. Heatmap analytics demonstrates how users in real time use and interact with the whole website.
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If you are a webmaster, blogger or marketer then I am sure you always wish to know the behavior of the visitors on your website or blog. And to track the behavior of visitors, heatmap tools and plugins will help to show you where your visitors and users are clicking.
15 Best WordPress Heatmap Plugins of 2019 For Mouse-flow and Click Tracking
From a content marketing strategy, heatmap is essential and beneficial at the same time. As it maps the clicks on a page, it can help the content marketer understand how his pages are working. Moreover, it also gives you a hint on which areas of the post/page is performing the best. You can also use it to improve other section of your page. It is also handy in helping you place optimal ads. Generally, a heat map highlights the area in four color code: red, yellow,  green and blue. The red means the highest clicked area, followed by blue with the lowest intensity.
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We use heatmap for our websites www.fusacq.com and www.placedescommerces.com and we are more than happy with it!The installation and the use are very easy, and you don’t need more than a glance to see the powerful results. Our main concern was to find out how our users were navigating and now we can see their real time behavior... Thanks heatmap for this incredible tool!— Damien Noël, CEO and founder, fusacq
12 Best WordPress Heatmap Plugins For Visitor Tracking
If you’re running WordPress, it’s a lot easier than you imagine. Thanks to the awesome heatmap plugins out there, it is a matter of a few seconds to set up a system to analyze where people click. In this article, we’ve listed the 12 best WordPress heatmap plugins you can go for. There are several options to set up your heatmap system, but it is better to go for a third-party solution as far as you’re concerned about resource availability of your server.
Best Heat Maps Tools and Plugins for Your WordPress Site.
Lucky Orange is another popular choice in heat map analytics. They offer heat map tracking for clicks, movement, and scroll depth. Apart from that, they also offer session recording and traffic segmentation. The plugin helps you display heat map of clicks and scrolls on your WordPress website in a matter of few minutes. The plugin provides you with features like visitor monitoring as well as recording, poll monitoring, form analytics and of course, basic click heat maps. You also get a unique feature with the plugin that allows you to chat with a particular visitor through your admin dashboard.
7+ Best Heatmap WordPress Plugins 2019 (Free and Paid)
You can thank us later for this analytics plugin as this is one of the best from the stack. Wolive does every bit of tracking for your website plus, it works well with WooCommerce too. Wolive has a bucket full of reports and analytics factors. It analyses each of your visitor’s action and provides you a report for it. For an e-commerce shop, it tracks the checkout, add to card, last orders and more.
15+ Best Heatmap WordPress Plugins and Services
userTrack is a self-hosted analytics plugin that records what visitors are doing on your site (page visits, mouse movements, clicks, scroll, etc.) and automatically generates heatmaps and playable records that you can view and analyze in order to understand user behavior. With userTrack you also get access to stats about your visitors like browser used, length of visit, user location, pages visited. More than that you can see the number of visitors currently browsing your site in real-time plus some cool extra stats.
10 Best Heatmap Analytics Plugins for WordPress Website
However, getting the insights about how web users interact with your site can be a challenging task,but with the use of available website builders or user friendly CMS platform like WordPress, you can simplify your work efficiently. WordPress comes with a ton of Heatmap tools and plugins that will help you see where your realtime users click on your site, how they interact, and how they scroll your web pages.
How To Use Heatmaps To Track Clicks On Your WordPress Website
Now, starting an experiment is really easy, it takes a few minutes. When you create it, you need to add the original page you want to run tests on, the alternative you want to compare it to, and the goal (what you are trying to achieve with the experiment: get page views, clicks, or direct people to an external source). After stopping the experiments, the plugin will show you detailed results that revolve around the goal you set in the first place. So, at the end of the test, you can tell which page performed better, and you can use it on your site… until a new idea comes to your mind and you should start testing again. Because digital marketing is not about assuming and hoping that things will happen, it’s about making things happen. That’s why you should always test, test, and test again.
9 Useful Plugins for Your WordPress Site
LayerSlider it is used by so many websites, that you can be forgiven if you thought that their slider is custom coded. You’ll find sliders being used effectively in many modern, thoughtfully-designed websites, to create some out-of-this-world slideshows, display a product line, and even tell a story. Sliders are found on home pages, landing pages, image galleries, and page blocks.
10 Best WordPress Plugins for Podcasters
How to Set Up WordPress Heatmaps for Free – Track Clicks and More
Before we move on, it’s worth noting there are two main types of heatmaps: those that track clicks, and those that analyze scrolling behavior. The first type is the most popular, since it provides you with more precise information about what your users are interested in clicking on. Scrolling heatmaps, on the other hand, are useful if you want a bird’s eye view of your site’s performance. They show you what areas are catching your readers’ eyes as they scroll down each page.
5 Best Heatmap Analytics Plugins for WordPress
As opposed to some of the others, the free version of Heatmap for WordPress supports sites that experience up to one million pageviews per month. Its responsive design allows tracking for mobile devices and doesn’t impact the site’s performance while in use.
Know User Insights with these 9 WordPress Heatmap Plugins
Trusted by some of the global Brands, Session Cam is a Conversion optimizing focused Analytics tool that can help you in customer retention by providing per page heatmaps along with form analytics so as to get a clear view as to how visitors interact with the form on your site. It also provides a walk through the video of your customers journey with the help of which your can find various elements causing confusion in the customers mind, rectify and thereby improve the Conversion funnel.
14 Best Heatmap Tools and Plugins to Track Your Website
To have better insights about how the users use your website, you need to have Heatmap tools and plugins installed. It is important to examine the pattern of users on the website to improve the number of hits. Heatmap tools are specifically designed for this purpose. These tools highlight the areas that have more activities and user engagement than other areas in the page. Heatmap tools are used to analyze the information about the usability of the website and its content. We have made a list of 14 best heatmap tools and plugins which you must use to visualize how the user behaves with your website.
7 Best Heatmap Plugins and Services for WordPress in 2018
Start with the Snapshots reports, which as their name suggests gives you a snapshot view of how users are interacting with your site. You can then use this data to extrapolate and improve the user experience. Discover which areas of a page users are clicking on the most with heatmaps, how often and far down they scroll with Scrollmaps, and additional details of these people such as country, which site they were referred from etc with Confetti Reports.
Not a bit. Our tag is very small and fully asynchronous. Plus, we set up powerful servers and technologies to collect data (we collect hundreds of millions of clicks per month), crunch them and then, display them to you. Finally, the plugin itself stores its configuration using WordPress core engine, so there is no extra load on your WordPress installation.