13 Plugins and Tips to Improve WordPress Admin Area

Plugins And Tips to Improve The WordPress Admin Area
There are various reasons that you may need to provide others with access to your WordPress. However, it is very rare that anybody but you need the same unmitigated access that you have. This is why the Login Redirect plugin is so important to have. It allows users to build redirects at the login and logout exit points. These can be based on roles or usernames. For example, if you allow employees to blog, you can Pick The Writer roles that will be allowed to access certain things.
12 Plugins and Tips to Improve WordPress Admin Area
The toll allows you to display your admin menu above in any WordPress template. This menu on the left will disappear naturally. First of all it will give more space on the screen and as you scroll down the page of your admin bar will always be at the top. The new versions of the system and there is a menu at the top and the side, it is unclear why so much space to allocate for it, better to leave some one option.
10 Useful Tips and Plugins to Improve WordPress Admin Area
By default, WordPress admin area will label your content as post, page, attachment, navigation menu items, revisions, or links. But you can use plugins to add more to your options. MarketPress, for instance, will add options for products, while Course Press Pro is great for courses and classes. Just think about which kind of content you need to create, and you will find a plugin ready to get your dashboard better organised. Just bear in mind that what is create isn’t necessarily post type, as you can use them as a page as well.
How to Improve your WordPress Admin Area
The admin area is the most significant area of any website. So it is extremely important that this part remains user-friendly at all times. You might sometimes be vexed with the way it works, especially when it comes to its speed. At other times the same old default look might appear dull, repetitive and uninspiring. But unless you are already familiar with the way you work with it, you might not be able to do much to make it appear your way.
Stay Safe! 13 Tips to Improve Your WordPress Security
Make sure that you pay for premium downloads from official sites, rather than getting them for free from other unreliable and illegal sources. Free premium plugins can be loaded with malware, meaning that if you install them on your WordPress site, you can easily corrupt it and cause serious damage. It is also not a good idea to update free plugins at will unless you are able to test it first. Many developers who maintain free plugins do it in their spare time, and there is no guarantee that they have tested it is secure prior to deploying it.
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WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Software (CMS) systems out there. It’s relatively easy to use, but can be made even simpler when you include a modular and ordered administration panel for users. Rather than modify the PHP files, users should only use the options panel to interact with your CMS.
We don’t foresee such an event occuring but if you do happen to run into this you can visit: yourwebsite.com/index.php?wp-custom-admin-interface=delete-menu (replacing yourwebsite.com with your website) and this will delete all the options associated with the custom admin menu. You need to make sure you are still logged in to an admin account for this to work. If you don’t have admin access you’ll need to either remove the database option or delete the plugin entirely.
How to Secure WordPress Without Plugin(s)
You might also want to use a service to keep all your passwords safe, for example, LastPass. Plus, if you have other people with high permission levels on your site, you may want to force them to use good login information as well. Instead of imploring them via email, do it through Force Strong Passwords. Just in case you need to change your admin username, follow these instructions.
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