Why We Use W3 Total Cache Plugin

Alternatives to W3TC (W3 total cache) plugin
As I mentioned above its hard to setup and optimize W3 total cache plugin that’s why I have shared optimal settings for W3 total cache. Go to this link and learn how to set up this plugin in a optimal way to improve website speed and Google rank. I have provided Screenshot for all the settings pages so you won’t find it difficult to follow, just install the plugin and follow the above step by step tutorial.
Having problems with W3 Total Cache and WordPress? Here’s how to fix them!
This issue occurs sometimes when you use a CDN (CloudFront and MaxCDN in particular). The main solution offered is to downgrade the plugin version. However, the one major drawback of downgrading is that a high risk XSS vulnerability was found in W3 Total Cache. As a result, it’s not recommended for security reasons. This is one of the areas where premium plugins like WP Rocket are most effective. Keeping up with changes made by third-party services is not easy and requires a dedicated team of developers to provide new caching plugin versions that are compatible.
W3 Total Cache Settings Explained – A Beginner’s Guide
Adding a caching plugin to your website is one of the first things to do if you want to speed up your website. Among the best plugins for the job is W3 Total Cache. While the plugin is highly popular with WordPress users, getting through the settings (15+ options in General Settings alone) can scare a beginner. But once you get it right, it can give a boost to site speed. In this post, we’re going to specifically focus on the best W3 Total Cache settings to use on shared WordPress hosting.
W3 Total Cache Settings in WordPress [Step-by-Step]
WordPress on a fresh install doesn’t have any cache solutions. It means everytime a user request a page, it will connects to database to fulfill the request. At the backend, WordPress php files make a connection with database, run dozens of queries and finally creates an html output to show it to the user.
W3 Total Cache Plugin Review: Is It A Better Cache Plugin for WordPress?
If you want to install W3 Total Cache plugin on multiple WordPress websites that you own, then this feature will be really handy for you. Once you are finished with setting W3 Total Cache plugin for one blog, you can replicate the same settings on other WordPress blogs by downloading the W3 Total Cache plugin settings from this section. All you have to do is import this W3 Total Cache configuration on other blogs where you want to install this plugin.
How to Use WordPress W3 Total Cache Plugin for Faster Websites
Today, we have learned how to set up W3 Total Cache for a better page loading time. There are many advanced settings that you can tweak to better optimize the WordPress website using W3 Total Cache Plugin. It all depends on various WordPress setups. Keep in mind that you could mess up the settings, which is why using the suggested settings will prove to be most useful for you. However, if you still want to experiment with various caching combinations; I suggest you take a full backup of your site.
W3 Total Cache Vs WP Super Cache Review: Best Caching Plugin for 2019?
Excellent write-up. Every newbie developer get confused between W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache because both the resources initially works fine and comparing these plugins help them to choose the right one. I have been using W3 Total Cache plugin for quite long time until I have read an article comparing few cache plugin performance on Default WordPress website and I was amaze to see that Breeze Cache Plugin loads site under 500ms. As a developer you always survive for resources which provide better User Experiences so I decide to give a try. Indeed the experiment was successful and I moved from W3 Total to Breeze. I would personally recommend you to give a try as well. Anyways thanks for investing your time. Cheers.
How to Install and Configure W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin
I hope this guide help you to configure W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin for best performance. This plugin has a lot of settings and all the settings are in huge details. I tried to cover all necessary setting which are useful for making your WordPress site really fast. If have any question regarding how to configure W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin, feel free to write in comment section below. I will be happy to help.
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W3 Total Cache. The Most Complete WordPress Performance Framework
The fastest and most complete WordPress performance optimization plugin. Trusted by many popular blogs like: mashable.com, pearsonified.com, noupe.com, webdesignerdepot.com, freelanceswitch.com, briansolis.com, tutsplus.com, yoast.com, css3.info and others — W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your blog by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download time of your theme and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.
How to install W3 Total Cache – Settings & Tutorial 2018
I personally have found little to no problems with the standard minification of CSS and JS files. However, minifying HTML is a different case. As minification “removes “unnecessary spaces”, if your articles have code snippets in <pre> tags, or if your theme uses inline elements, removing the “unnessesary spaces” will mess up your formatting. So let’s click “Yes, I understand the risks” and then choose the Manual minify mode, that will allow us to go through the detailed settings of the Minify screen later.
First create an account. Next, in the « Content Delivery Network » section of the « General Settings » tab, select Rackspace Cloud Files as the « CDN Type. » Now, in the « Configuration » section of the « Content Delivery Network » tab, enter the « Username » and « API key » associated with your account (found in the API Access section of the rackspace cloud control panel) in the respective fields. Next enter a name for the container to use (avoid special characters and spaces). If the operation is successful, the container’s ID will automatically appear in the « Replace site’s hostname with » field. You may optionally, specify the container name and container ID of an existing container if you wish. Click the « Test Cloud Files Upload » button and make sure that the test is successful, if not check your settings and try again. Save your settings. You’re now ready to export your media library, theme and any other files to the CDN.
WP Security - WordPress File Monitor Plugin
W3 Total Cache high-risk XSS vulnerability
I can’t immediately change to other plugin, tested had separate issue in other plugin, like WP Super Cache does not handle mobile cache or page with string properly even after setting it up. And WP Rocket did not bring the result I need in past, could test them again, but need more time. So, right now I needed W3TC to work. I found the fix-w3tc project in github, tested few approach, and after multiple test, shared my best find method here – https://thetechjournal.com/how-to/fix-w3-total-cache-reloaded-vulnerability-wordpress.xhtml
Varför jag inte använder W3 Total Cache, men en enklare Caching Plugin?
All in all, I’m just sharing my experience with caching plugins. I’m not saying WP Fastest Cache is the best plugin out there and you should totally switch to it. But if you are searching for this kind of plugin, or you are unhappy with your W3 Total Cache performance, go and try something different. The setup so easy so it won’t cost you anything to try. Just remember to never have more than one caching plugin active on a site, or it can get messy!