9 Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugins for WordPress

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The YouTube WordPress plugin I feel is a must have for serious bloggers looking to keep people engaged in longevity. The goodness of it is you can configure the plugin to send any YouTube video from anyone’s video channel to your WP drafts section before officially publishing. This allows you, the blogger, to add unique content to the YouTube video WordPress draft and set a time and date for the WP auto publishing plugin to post to your blog while unattended, thus improving your site engagement %, improve social relationships, and get free advertising from your blog readers by sharing your blog posts on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and everyone else’s social networking place.
You can build your YouTube video galleries by adding the VIDEO ID for the videos you’d like. You can add Content and Excerpt for every YouTube video. The YouTube video CONTENT text is displayed in the video page. The video EXCERPT is displayed in YouTube Video Gallery page, right below the main video.
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The software is responsive user friendly and can really enhance the rating of your site when people search for related topics and videos whether on Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia or search engines in general. Getting your Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia extension working is straightforward with a few simple steps required to build this great video resources on your WordPress site. The benefits of the gallery plugin are already making a real difference for all kinds of sites from business oriented to hobby or entertainment pages. The great thing about the Gallery is that it allows users to express their creative editing skills when composing a video collection slideshow or even workshop and information content. Being able to engage with site visitors this way directly with gallery also helps to make your site much more reiting.