How to Disable Plugin Deactivation from WordPress Admin Panel

How to Disable WordPress Plugins From Loading on Specific Pages and Posts
Hi. The script should run before any regular plugin. This means that we need a must-use plugin. Unfortunately, mu-plugin load before any is_ variable has been defined, so we are not allowed to use conditional tags like is_single. But you could try another way. 1) build a regular plugin that filters plugins, 2) build a must-use plugin that force WordPress to load your filtering plugin before any other active plugin. You can read more about changin the plugin loading order here:
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Do you know the situation, when some plugin offers you to update to premium, to collect technical data and shows many annoying notices? You are close these notices every now and again but they newly appears and interfere your work with WordPress. Even worse, some plugin’s authors delete “close” button from notices and they shows in your admin panel forever.
This plugin can be used to disable plugin deactivation, activation, deletion, edit, and update. Sometimes when working for client we create multiple Admin accounts. So in many of the cases clients are not technical and can mess with the plugin settings by activating, deactivating, updating, deleting plugins. To avoid such a scenario this plugin can be used. Features of the plugin are as follows:
How to Disable Theme and Plugin Editors from WordPress Admin Panel?
The WordPress allows the user to edit the plugin and theme files directly through its admin panel. Although, this is dangerous because a single type can render your website blank. Moreover, the admin may want to give admin access to people that don’t need to edit code.