16 Best Alternatives to the WordPress Jetpack Plugin

16 Best Alternatives to the WordPress Jetpack Plugin
Are you looking for the best alternatives to the Jetpack plugin? Jetpack is a powerful WordPress plugin suite that adds various features to your WordPress website. Recently one of our readers asked us to share possible Jetpack alternatives for WordPress. In this article, we will show you the best alternatives to the WordPress Jetpack plugin.
The Best Alternatives to the Powerful WordPress Jetpack Plugin
It is a free WP plugin that supports an easy drag-and-drop form builder and pre-built templates. You may use this tool to make contact forms, payment forms, subscription forms, etc. within few minutes. WPForms is quite user-friendly. You can use shortcode or ‘Add form button’ (available in post editor) to add form into your blog post. WPForms is quite user-friendly. You can use shortcode or ‘Add form button’ (available in the post editor) to add form into your blog post.
18 Jetpack Alternatives to Get the Features Without Bloat
Sucuri Scanner is a powerful WordPress security plugin. It can replace the Jetpack scanner easily. You’ll need to use the premium plans to scan for malware in Jetpack. However, Sucuri Scanner offers free malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, post-hack security, hardening security, file uploads checks, and file integrity checks.
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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more
Should I use the WordPress Jetpack plugin on my site?
Imagine that you have activated Jetpack and are using the custom CSS module. And imagine that you drop in some 5,000 lines of additional CSS to your site to make it look and work exactly like you want it to. And let’s say it isn’t the most performant approach to your site’s design. Nothing about Jetpack will be slowing your site down. If you don’t use Jetpack but activate a different plugin for custom CSS, and drop in the same lines of CSS, guess what? It will perform equally slow.
Alternatives to the Jetpack Plugin for WordPress
But let’s note this: With a total of ~30 activated plugins the Jetpack framework only (without any module enabled) accounts for 10% of all plugin resource consumption! That is, the Jetpack framework only on average weighs as much as three other plugins. But wait, since one of my other plugins is a heavy-weight plugin (Polylang with about 60%), we can easily say that the Jetpack framework counts as much as 5 to 6 normal, smaller plugins. By the way, with ~15 modules enabled Jetpacks resource usage was up to 70%!
5 Great Reasons to Install the WordPress Jetpack Plugin
The vast number of WordPress plugins available makes it easy to bolster your website in a number of different ways. However, doing so often requires installing multiple plugins, each having its own specific role to play. Not only does this soak up your time in terms of identifying the best plugins for your needs, it can also bloat your website – slowing it down in the process. Should you therefore install the WordPress Jetpack plugin and perhaps solve some of those problems?
Installing the Jetpack plugin
You can start by purchasing a Jetpack plan for a site that doesn’t already have Jetpack installed, we will then install it and set it up for you.
How to Setup Jetpack WordPress Plugin Right way – Should we use Jetpack?
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